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67 Susan Jeffers Quotes To Be Fearless



67 Susan Jeffers Quotes To Be Fearless

Susan Jeffers was an American psychologist and author best know for her self-help classic, Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

Her book sold millions of copies and was published in 35 languages. Her book has inspired millions of people around the globe to overcome their fears and heal the pain in their lives.

Below I’ve put together a collection of the best 67 Susan Jeffers Quotes that will help you overcome your fears and live an inspired life. Enjoy!

67 Susan Jeffers Quotes

1. “Feel the fear and do it anyway!” – Susan Jeffers

2. “Taking responsibility means never blaming anyone else for anything you are being, doing, having, or feeling.” – Susan Jeffers

3. “The only way to get rid of the fear of doing something is to go out and do it.” – Susan Jeffers

4. “Every time you encounter something that forces you to “handle it,” your self-esteem is raised considerably. You learn to trust that you will survive, no matter what happens. And in this way your fears are diminished immeasurably.” – Susan Jeffers

5. “Security is not having things; it’s handling things.” – Susan Jeffers

6. “It is a paradox. The less you need someone’s approval, the more you are able to love them.” – Susan Jeffers

7. “If you knew you could handle anything that came your way, what would you possibly have to fear? The answer is: Nothing!” – Susan Jeffers

8. “Remember that underlying all our fears is a lack of trust in ourselves.” – Susan Jeffers

9. “When we give from a place of love, rather than from a place of expectation, more usually comes to us than we could have ever imagined.” – Susan Jeffers

10. “The fear will never go away as long as I continue to grow. – Susan Jeffers

11. “A self-assured woman who is in control of her life draws like a magnet. She is so filled with positive energy that people want to be around her.” – Susan Jeffers

12. “The only time you will fear anything is when you say no and resist the universe. You may have heard the expression “Go with the flow.” This means consciously accepting what is happening in your life.” – Susan Jeffers

13. “No one is more unloving than a person who can’t own his or her own power. Such people spend their lives trying to pull it out of everyone else. Their need creates all sorts of manipulative behavior.” – Susan Jeffers

14. “The biggest pitfall as you make your way through life is impatience. Remember that being impatient is simply a way of punishing yourself. It creates stress, dissatisfaction, and fear.” – Susan Jeffers

15. “The sense of “having a goal in your life” will put you in the side of “giving” instead of “getting”… most of people focus “more” on what they want from their lives and that could lead to thinking in a (victim-of-life) way… when you start to play the role of a person who’s having a meaning and a goal for his/her life, you will get back the self-esteem you deserve.” – Susan Jeffers

16. “As I began to do things on my own, I began to taste the deliciousness of an emerging self-confidence.” – Susan Jeffers

17. “I believe that if something is troubling you, simply start from where you are and take the action necessary to change it.” – Susan Jeffers

18. “Ageing allows us to drop the baggage. It is only through life experiences that our incredible power can be brought forward in all its glory.” – Susan Jeffers

19. “All the dangers in our world are like a blessed wake up call. They tell us to live life NOW… not tomorrow, not when the children grow up, not when we retire… but NOW.” – Susan Jeffers

20. “As we open our hearts to others, we begin to discover the truth of our own inner beauty, inner strength and inner light.” – Susan Jeffers

21. “Bringing a spiritual dimension into all that we do is essential for ending the struggle and dancing with life. Our body and our minds can take us only so far, our spirit can lead us all the way home.” – Susan Jeffers

22. “By learning to trust your intuition, miracles seem to happen. Intuitive thoughts are gifts from the higher self.” – Susan Jeffers

23. “If the sign on your heart says ‘Welcome’ the love will come pouring in from everywhere.” – Susan Jeffers

24. “If you are not enjoying yourself, you are wasting time.” – Susan Jeffers

25. “No matter what response you get from anyone you meet, you are a worthwhile person.” – Susan Jeffers

26. “Open your eyes, whether you presently believe it or not, your life is already abundant. Before you can accept abundance in your life, you have to notice it.” – Susan Jeffers

27. “Our goal is to enjoy, not to achieve perfection.” – Susan Jeffers

28. “Rejection never feels good, but it certainly hurts less when we are not needing something from the person who is rejecting us.” – Susan Jeffers

29. “Success is… living a full and balanced life in partnership with others to create a joyful feeling of love, contribution, appreciation and abundance, despite how our endeavors may turn out.” – Susan Jeffers

30. “The source of our love comes from within. No one out there is that source. It makes sense to go to the source.” – Susan Jeffers

31. “Too many of us seem to be searching for something ‘out there’ to make our lives complete. What we are all really searching for is the divine essence that lives within.” – Susan Jeffers

32. “Your joy, your happiness, your satisfaction and your ability to dance with life, depend solely on what you pay attention to.” – Susan Jeffers

33. “Negative thoughts take away your power.” – Susan Jeffers

34. “Remove those ‘I want you to like me’ stickers from your forehead and, instead, place them where they truly will do the most good – on your mirror!” – Susan Jeffers

35. “You’re not a failure if you don’t make it. You’re a success because you tried.” – Susan Jeffers

36. “I am powerful and I am loving. I have much to give to this world. I am a person of worth. I deserve love. I am a capable person. My life has meaning. My life is unfolding perfectly. There is plenty of time.” – Susan Jeffers

37. “Complaining will not change things in your life; only action will. Make a list of all you need to do to change what doesn’t work in your life and, little by little, begin making those changes.” – Susan Jeffers

38. “Five Truths about Fear Truth 1. The fear will never go away as long as I continue to grow. Truth 2. The only way to get rid of the fear of doing something is to go out and do it. Truth 3. The only way to feel better about myself is to go out… and do it. Truth 4. Not only am I going to experience fear whenever I’m on unfamiliar territory, but so is everyone else. Truth 5. Pushing through fear is less frightening than living with the underlying fear that comes from a feeling of helplessness.” – Susan Jeffers

39. “As we start looking for the good, our focus automatically is taken off the bad.” – Susan Jeffers

40. “We cannot escape fear. We can only transform it into a companion that accompanies us on all our exciting adventures.” – Susan Jeffers

41. “What I try to control ends up controlling me.” – Susan Jeffers

42. “If everybody feels fear when approaching something totally new in life—yet so many are out there doing it despite the fear—then we must conclude that fear is not the problem.” – Susan Jeffers

43. “Take a risk a day – one small or bold stroke that will make you feel great once you have done it.” – Susan Jeffers

44. “You are innately designed to use your personal power. When you don’t, you experience a sense of helplessness, paralysis, and depression – which is your clue that something is not working as it could. You, like all of us, deserve everything that is wonderful and exciting in life. And those feelings emerge only when you get in touch with your powerful self.” – Susan Jeffers

45. “Whatever happens, I’ll handle it.” – Susan Jeffers

46. “At the bottom of all our fears is simply the that we can’t handle what life hands us.” – Susan Jeffers

47. “People who refuse to take risks live with a feeling of dread that is far more severe than what they would feel if they took the risks necessary to make them less helpless – only they don’t know it!” – Susan Jeffers

48. “If you haven’t made any mistakes lately, you must be doing something wrong.” – Susan Jeffers

49. “There is not a person alive who is not capable of greatly contributing to the well – being of this planet. Just changing your attitude can affect the world around you.” – Susan Jeffers

50. “Commitment creates a powerful radiant energy that activates all sorts of “miracles” within and around you.” – Susan Jeffers

51. “Taking responsibility means not blaming yourself. Anything that takes away your power or your pleasure makes you a victim. Don’t make yourself a victim of yourself!”
Susan Jeffers

52. “We are not going to succeed in everything we attempt in life. That’s a guarantee. In fact, the more we do in life, the more chance there is not to succeed in some things. But what a rich life we are having! Win or lose, we just keep winning.” – Susan Jeffers

53. “Commitment doesn’t mean that it has to last forever, but while you are there, commit yourself 100%. By doing this, the quality of your life improves 100%.” – Susan Jeffers

54. “We can’t control the world, but we can control our reactions to it.” – Susan Jeffers

55. “The wall that protects you, also imprisons you.” – Susan Jeffers

56. “Do the thing you fear, it’s sure to disappear.” – Susan Jeffers

57. “Don’t be deceived into thinking that by changing the external, the internal will be changed. It works the other way around; the path that needs changing is the one in your mind.” – Susan Jeffers

58. “The most important thing is for you to be your own best friend. Whatever you are doing – don’t put yourself down. Slowly begin to discover which, for you, is the path of the heart. Which path in life will make you grow? That is the path to take.” – Susan Jeffers

59. “You might already have been asking yourself, “Why should I put myself through all the discomfort that comes with taking risks? Why don’t I just go on living my life the way I’ve been living it?” You might find my answer to that question surprising. It is: Pushing through fear is less frightening than living with the underlying circumstances that come from a feeling of helplessness.” – Susan Jeffers

60. “You may be surprised and encouraged to learn that while inability to deal with fear may look and feel like a psychological problem, in most cases it isn’t. I believe it is primarily an educational problem, and that by re-educating the mind, you can accept fear as simply a fact of life rather than a barrier to success.” – Susan Jeffers

61. “Say YES to life. Participate. Move. Act. Write. Read. Sign up. Take a stand. Or do whatever it takes for you. Get involved in the process. As Rollo May wrote in Man’s Search for Himself: “Every organism has one and only one central need in life, to fulfil its own potentialities.” – Susan Jeffers

62. “Start thinking about yourself as a lifetime student at a large university. Your curriculum is your total relationship with the world you live in, from the moment you’re born to the moment you die. Each experience is a valuable lesson to be learned.” – Susan Jeffers

63. “I can’t stress enough that positive thinking needs daily practice. I’ve been practicing it for years and still spend some time each day focusing on the elimination of negativity from my thinking.” – Susan Jeffers

64. “Many of us spend our lives waiting – waiting for the perfect mate, waiting for the perfect job, waiting for perfect friends to come along. There is no need to wait for anyone to give you anything in your life. You have the power to create what you need. Given commitment, clear goals and action, it’s just a matter of time.” – Susan Jeffers

65. “It is important to surround ourselves with giving, loving and nurturing people. This implies the flip side of the coin: You must become what you want to attract. Be the kind of person you would want to surround yourself with.” – Susan Jeffers

66. “Positive thinking is one of the most difficult of all concepts to get across to people. When I present my ideas on positive thinking in my workshops and classes, many of my students respond immediately with “Oh, that’s not realistic!” … it is reported that over 90% of what we worry about never happens. That means that our negative worries have less than a 10% chance of being correct. If this is so, isn’t being positive more realistic than being negative?” – Susan Jeffers

67. “In saying “yes” lies the antidote to our fear. The phrase “say yes” means “to agree to” those things life hands us. Saying YES means letting go of resistance and letting in the possibilities that our universe offers in new ways of seeing the world. It means to relax bodily, and calmly survey the situation, thereby reducing upset and anxiety.” – Susan Jeffers

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