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195 Best Cobra Kai Quotes (Seasons 1 – 5)



77 Best Cobra Kai Quotes

Looking for the best collection of Cobra Kai quotes?

The hit NetFlix show Cobra Kai is one of the most popular shows around and for good reason too! Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z can all relate to the Karate Kid spinoff.

Ralph Macchio (Daniel LaRusso), William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence), and Martin Kove (John Kreese) are all at their best in the comedy-drama and simply put Cobra Kai is eighties nostalgia done right.

Though the show is missing its share of wise Mr. Miyagi quotes and Miyagism’s it has plenty of inspirational quotes and life lessons from all the characters, especially the ever-evolving Johnny Lawrence.

Below you’ll find the best Cobra Kai quotes to inspire you to become badass, to accept self-responsibility and strike first in life. There are also some funny Cobra Kai quotes and one-liners that will make you laugh again. Enjoy!

Inspirational Cobra Kai Quotes

Johnny Lawrence Quotes

“I wasn’t taught the difference between mercy and honour, and I payed the price for it. If I’m extra hard on you, it’s only because you have the potential to be better then I ever was. You want that, don’t you?” – Johnny Lawrence

“Cobra Kai is about strength, if you’re not strong on the inside, then you can’t be strong on the outside.” – Johnny Lawrence

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a loser, a nerd, or a freak, The only thing that matters is that you become badass.” – Johnny Lawrence

“The best defense is more offense.” – Johnny Lawrence

“I may not always win, but I never back out of a fight.” – Johnny Lawrence

“In the real world, you can’t expect people to do what they’re supposed to do.” – Johnny Lawrence

“That’s just black paint on a white wall.” – Johnny Lawrence

“Back in my day if we want to tease someone, we do it to their face.” – Johnny Lawrence

“You know what they say, there’s no such thing as a bad student.” – Johnny Lawrence

“You want something, you’ll have to crawl across the floor, use your damn teeth if you have to.” – Johnny Lawrence

“Don’t forget, being a badass doesn’t mean be an asshole.” – Johnny Lawrence

Quiet! Never “can’t.” Those are just words, they’re meaningless, It’s time to get out of bed and do something. You’re not a kid anymore, the world isn’t just gonna hand it to you. You want something, you’re going to have to crawl across the floor, use your damn teeth if you have to, You’ll have to do whatever it takes. – Johnny Lawrence

What, do you want those kids at school to keep dumping shit on your head? You want all the girls to think you’re a wang-less dork? Coz you can stop your training right now, and you can walk outside and let the whole world know you’re a loser. Or you can plant your feet, look your enemy in the eyes AND PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE! – Johnny Lawrence

“I’ve got one year to make it all work, and that’s what I’m gonna do – make it work, all of it…” – Johnny Lawrence

“I’m not just gonna teach you how to conquer your fears. I’m going to teach you how to awaken the snake within you. And once you do that, you’ll be the ones who’s feared. You’ll build strength. You’ll learn discipline. And when the time is right, you’ll strike back.” – Johnny Lawrence

“There’s nothing to fear except for fear itself, that and falling in a bunch of sharp metal and broken glass, so don’t do that!” – Johnny Lawrence

“You wanna learn how to kick ass? First you gotta learn how to kick.” – Johnny Lawrence

“Eagles don’t get shit on. They’re the ones that do the shitting.” – Johnny Lawrence

“I took the easy way out, I gave up.” – Johnny Lawrence

“The older you get the more you’re going to learn that life isn’t fair. You wake up one morning feeling great and then life throws a spinning heel kick to your balls and takes a big steaming shit in your mouth… That’s how it goes. Life shows no mercy so neither do we. We do whatever it takes to keep our heads above water. We do whatever it takes to keep moving forward. We do whatever it takes to win. Remember who you are. You’re badass. You don’t give a shit. You kick ass. You’re Cobra Kai.” – Johnny Lawrence

“They strike first? We pre-strike!” – Johnny Lawrence

“The human response to danger is fight or flight, but an eagle’s response is fight and flight.” – Johnny Lawrence

“When an eagle’s hungry, it doesn’t hesitate. If you want to be an eagle, you first have to learn how to fly.” – Johnny Lawrence

“You can do whatever you want if you want it bad enough. Look I know your not 100% but you got the heart of a champion. Everything you’ve learned everything you’ve been through was just a warm-up for this moment. It’s time to let the world know what you’re made of.” – Johnny Lawrence

“Somebody always wins. That’s how fights work.” – Johnny Lawrence

“If I did everything my parents wanted me to do, I’d be wearing a suit and tie in some worthless job while I wait out the clock. I didn’t want that. And now I get to do what I love every damn day.” – Johnny Lawrence

“Just because something’s been around longer doesn’t make it better.” – Johnny Lawrence

“I’m out here trying to fix my mistakes so I don’t have to live with regret.” – Johnny Lawrence

“How about the truth? We all get shit wrong sometimes. Some of us get it wrong a lot. If you own up to your mistakes, you have a shot at making things right. You don’t have to have it all figured out. Just be honest. See where it goes from there.” – Johnny Lawrence

“We’re not here to take a lesson. We’re here to teach you one.” – Johnny Lawrence

“My whole life was haunted by one stupid kick. I thought if I could go back in time, do things different, dodge it, block it, my life would be fixed. The kick wasn’t the problem. I had to stop focusing on what was behind. Start looking at what was in front of me.” – Johnny Lawrence

Daniel LaRusso Quotes

“When negative feelings overwhelm you, look for the good within yourself.” – Daniel LaRusso

“If you have hate in your heart, then you have already lost.” – Daniel LaRusso

“You do the right thing cause it’s the right thing to do.” – Daniel LaRusso

“You are the only one who can get up when you are down.” – Daniel LaRusso

“Nobody is more badass than Mr. Miyagi.” – Daniel LaRusso

“My path wasn’t a straight line. And yours is still being written.” – Daniel LaRusso

“In Miyagi-Do, when an opponent comes swinging at you, you always respond in a circular motion. Moving in the opposite direction of what your opponent expects. Life’s like that too. You could reach any goal you want, it just might mean taking the circular path.” – Daniel LaRusso

“It may not seem brave, but sometimes avoiding conflict is one of the most heroic things a person can do.” – Daniel LaRusso

“If all you care about is winning, then you really didn’t learn anything I taught you.” – Daniel LaRusso

“Never put passion in front of principle. Because even if you win, you lose.” – Daniel LaRusso

“This fight is not about him. The biggest battle is always the one within.” – Daniel LaRusso

“Ambition without knowledge is like a boat on dry land.” – Daniel LaRusso

“It’s never easy being the bigger person.” – Daniel LaRusso

“Many of us used to be enemies. But rivalries don’t need to last forever.” – Daniel LaRusso

“You can’t keep punishing yourself. You’ve done all you can to make up for what you did back then…” – Daniel LaRusso

“The roots are strong, so the tree will survive.” – Daniel LaRusso

John Kreese Quotes

“A true Cobra feels no sympathy for its meals.” – John Kreese

“Life isn’t always fair. Sometimes the world can be cruel. That’s why you have to learn to be cruel yourselves.” – John Kreese

“Your whole life, you’ve been told to be good. But “good” is only a matter of perspective. Always remember, your enemies think they’re doing what’s right. They think they’re the hero and you’re the villain. But now you know the truth. There is no good. There is no bad. Only weak or strong.” – John Kreese

“If your mind is agile, so are you.” – John Kreese

“All that Miyagi-Do mumbo jumbo, that might score you points in a tournament. But now you’re in the real world kid, you might wanna learn to strike first.” – John Kreese

“We won’t just dominate the tournament, we’ll melt this whole snowflake generation.” – John Kreese

“We do not train to be merciful here. Mercy is for the weak. Here, in the streets, in competition.” – John Kreese

“Karate is not a phase, it’s a way of life. You can leave it for awhile, but it never leaves you.” – John Kreese

“Sometimes a step backwards… opens a new path forward.” – John Kreese

“Hey, remember fear does not exist. You can get through anything.” – John Kreese

“Your opponent’s weakness must be exploited whenever possible.” – John Kreese

“We don’t have the luxury of forgetting. Nor should we. We should remember what happens to soldiers who don’t follow their leader.” – John Kreese

“All your training has brought you to this moment. Remember, if you win, you don’t get a trophy. You get the glory. And you get to know forever that you are a champion. I have had students with all the talent in the world squander their moment. Do not let history repeat itself. Do not let your emotions cloud your judgement. And above all, do not let anything stand in the way of your victory.” – John Kreese

“No matter what people say, it does matter whether you win or lose.” – John Kreese

“You’ve been fighting all your life. Now it’s time for all that struggle to pay off. Use all that fire inside you. You’ve come this far. This is your fight now. So whatever happens, it’s up to you.” – John Kreese

“When something bad happens, you have two choices. You let it tear you down or let it build you up.” – John Kreese

“To be Cobra Kai, you have to have a killer instinct.” – John Kreese

“There’s still time to finish what we started. The choice is yours.” – John Kreese

“You know, in the real world, we have to fight our own battles. Cobra Kai can teach you how. But you have to prove that you’re worthy.” – John Kreese

“It’s not about the trophy, it’s about being a champion. Win or lose, that reputation will follow you the rest of your life.” – John Kreese

“People expect men of our age to pack it in and go off into the sunset. That might work for you, but I still have some fight left in me.” – John Kreese

“I find that a little kindness goes a long way.” – John Kreese

Terry Silver Quotes

“Cobra kai, it was never about revenge, It was building strength by taking your fears and turning them into a weapon. If we’re just gonna rehash the past, history will just repeat itself all over again.” – Terry Silver

“There are three things that make a champion. The three D’s Desire. Devotion. And Discipline. The first two, I can’t give you. The last one, I can, but you have to be willing to receive it.” – Terry Silver

“At the tournament, you’ll have to recognize that weakness. And make no mistake, we all have one.” – Terry Silver

“Because everyone has a weakness, John, and mine is you… I’m shedding my weakness, Captain.” – Terry Silver

“If you want to be a champion, you need to dig out that fear and face it, whatever it is. Because if you don’t, it’s gonna hold you back forever.” – Terry Silver

“Balance is crucial. A man can’t stand, he can’t fight.” – Terry Silver

“The common belief is, you shouldn’t care what other people think about you, right? Wrong. What your opponent is thinking is key. In war. In business. In a fight. Don’t let your opponent think whatever they want. Make them think what you want them to think. If they think you’re weak, that’s when you can surprise them with your strength.” – Terry Silver

All Terry Silver Scenes from Cobra Kai Season 4

“We’ve already shown that we’re champions. But that championship is merely a springboard to new heights.” – Terry Silver

“If a person steals food to survive, are they cheating? Or are they doing what must be done?” – Terry Silver

“It’s never too late to get the last laugh, right?” – Terry Silver

“There are few things more valuable that a great story. Don’t you think?” – Terry Silver

“I have a plan that will make Cobra Kai and karate as synonymous as… Starbucks and coffee.” – Terry Silver

“50% is just a number. What I’m offering you is legacy.” – Terry Silver

“The world’s made up of two kinds of people. Leaders and followers. Cobra Kai, like a military unit, needs both to function successfully.” – Terry Silver

“I spent a lot of my life listening to others. My father. My captain. My best friend… But it was only after I listened to my own instincts that I reached my potential.” – Terry Silver

“The shortest distance to victory in a fight is to take out your opponent with one shot.” – Terry Silver

“I understand how important the next generation is. Everything I do is for the future.” – Terry Silver

“There’s a difference between being heard and being listened to. They heard you. But they listen to me.” – Terry Silver

“Youth. The one thing money can’t buy.” – Terry Silver

“They think they’re entitled to victory because their way is “right” and our way is “wrong.” But that’s not how it works. There are no morals to the story. No happy endings. Life isn’t a fairy tale. It’s a competitive sport. Right and wrong, there’s no such thing. There are only winners… and losers.” – Terry Silver

“Over the years, I’ve developed a system of intensive short-term training for situations just like this. It comes in two parts and has three rules. I call it ” Quick Silver.” Rule number one, a man can’t stand, he can’t fight. Rule number two of the Quick Silver method. A man can’t breathe, he can’t fight. Rule number three. A man can’t see, he can’t fight.” – Young Terry Silver

Chozen Quotes

“Defense takes on many forms.” – Chozen

“If your enemy insists on war, then you take away their ability to wage it.” – Chozen

“To catch serpent, you must think like serpent. We will use his style against him.” – Chozen

“I thought I had lost my honor. Eventually, I understood. No one can take honor from you. Only you can take honor from yourself.” – Chozen

“First train mind. Then train body.” – Chozen

“If you want to break free of troubles, you must face them directly.” – Chozen

“My uncle tried to teach me about honor. But I was not ready to learn. I thought shortcuts, cheating, would get me through faster. Make my life easier. My cowardice was exposed for all to see.” – Chozen

“I struggled with my own cowardice. I lost a fight. A fight I should have won. Rivalries die slow deaths, especially in Japan.” – Chozen

“A story is only words. Belief in story much more valuable.” – Chozen

“Snake always wait for right time to strike.” – Chozen

“Family is most important thing to all of you. Strong bonds forged together.” – Chozen

“Heart is most essential quality.” – Chozen

“Defending honor of Miyagi-do never a waste of time. Nor is helping friend.” – Chozen

“Must wait for right time. Run into den of lions, you will get eaten.” – Chozen

“You are not good Yanbaru Kuina. Snakes will take you down one by one. I have tried to tell you what you must do. But you do not listen. You must learn to adapt. Or soon you will be extinct.” – Chozen

“This is what we have that Cobra Kai does not. Their movement is mile wide, but only inch deep. But our movement, inch wide, but mile deep.” – Chozen

“Samantha-san, fight not against opponent. Many years ago, your father and I had big fight. You know story. I wanted to prove I was better. Better fighter. Better man… But I was fighting against. Your father was fighting for. Fighting for friends. For village. For… For Miyagi-san.” – Chozen

“Referee is moron. Must not leave room for error.” – Chozen

Sensei Kim Quotes

“We do not accept defeat. We do not accept surrender. Fight as is today is your last.” – Sensei Kim

“Give them some real competition. The leaders will rise or they will crumble.” – Sensei Kim

“Only strong leadership will allow you to prevail.” – Sensei Kim

“What was that sound? Was that pain? Pain does not exist.” – Sensei Kim

“Dominance requires sacrifice.” – Sensei Kim

“Youth is not a liability. It is the greatest power.” – Sensei Kim

More Inspirational Cobra Kai Quotes

“There’s no honor in being merciless.” – Miguel Diaz

“We don’t take no for an answer.” – Miguel Diaz

“Overcoming that fear is the fight I have to face.” – Miguel Diaz

“I didn’t get into karate to hurt people. I did it to be badass and find balance.” – Miguel Diaz

“You just gotta feel the energy and just live in the moment, you know?” – Hawk

“Defeat does not exist.” – Hawk

“You know what? That’s life. You win some, you lose some, but you gotta move on. You never did. You’re still pulling the same old bully act.” – Hawk

“I just don’t need to drink to pretend to be cool.” – Robby Keene

“I’m gonna have to face him sooner or later. Might as well be today.” – Robby Keene

“Instead of using your speed to run away from your enemies, use it to run at them.” – Robby Keene

“Now, we may have taken some losses, but it’s not about how you start. It’s about how you finish. And to beat the enemy, it helps to know the enemy’s playbook.” – Robby Keene

“You know everybody thinks their way is the only way, you, my dad, cobra kai. The truth is it doesn’t matter which way you fight as long as it works. And I’ll use whatever it takes to win.” – Robby Keene

“Eventually, we all need to look ourselves in the mirror and realize who we really are.” – Robby Keene

“I know how things can start from nothing and get bigger and bigger until all you feel is hate. I’ve been there. But I’m telling you, it is so much better to let that hate go.” – Robby Keene

“You’re not past the point of no return. And I promise, there’s still another way.” – Robby Keene

“Everyone’s got a sob story, that doesn’t give you the right to be a bully.” – Samantha LaRusso

“It’s different when you are a girl. I mean even when you win, your not cool or tough. They think you are crazy.” – Samantha LaRusso

“Sometimes the scars you can’t see are the ones that hurt the most.” – Samantha LaRusso

“Alone we are nothing, but if we work together, we have a shot.” – Samantha LaRusso

“At least I know who I am. You are still trying to be something you’re not.” – Tory Nichols

“The world shows no mercy, so, why should we? Some people have it good, but the rest of us, we have to fight for every inch of what’s ours. Not just to score a point. For everything.” – Tory Nichols

“In Japan, you can always visit someone. They speak to us, even when they’re gone.” – Bartender

“No one can help you if you don’t let them. If you ask, you might be surprised.” – Amanda LaRusso

“Never mind your past mistakes, don’t let them determine your future.” – Carmen Diaz

“In life, we always lose our way. But it is people, not the signs, that guide us back to the right path.” – Kumiko

“Put good out in the world and good will come back to you.” – Kumiko

“There is your side and your side, and then there is the truth. And the truth is, you guys are more alike then you’ll admit.” – Ali Mills

“Just like bonsai choose one way grow because root strong, you choose own way do karate, same reason.” – Mr Miyagi

“The only way you really lose is by giving up.” – Devon Lee

“I’m not afraid to get my ass kicked if that’s what it takes to get better.” – Devon Lee

“Oh, I will be a champion. But I’ll get there my way, not yours.” – Devon Lee

“The only way we win is if we work together. As one.” – Anthony LaRusso

“You know about Icarus, kid? My dad used to tell me all the greatest stories. That was his favorite. “Fly too close to the sun, chiquito, you’ll burn your wings right off. What you don’t learn till you get older is the sun is the government, it’s women. You fly too high, they come and… [hisses]… bring you down. People always come after what’s yours. They want you to sleep with one eye open.” – Hector Salazar

“Army training is not enough. Your head… must forget pain. To succeed, you must overcome! Train mind! Train body!” – Sato

“A man without honor is no man.” – Sato

Funny Cobra Kai Quotes

“Wanna score those hot babes? Try karate! Kicks get chicks.” – Johnny Lawrence

“It’s alright. You fell like a champ.” – Johnny Lawrence

“When you came into my dojo, you were softer than a babies ass.” – Johnny Lawrence

“I didn’t call her a bitch, I said she was bitching at me. There’s a difference… You’re firing me ’cause of that bitch?” – Johnny Lawrence

“Drowning’s for pussies. Don’t be a pussy.” – Johnny Lawrence

“God, just looking at you makes me feel like a virgin.” – Johnny Lawrence

“You should all be proud of yourselves. I know I’m proud. Your parents would be proud too, If you told them what we did here today… Which we won’t!” – Johnny Lawrence

“Who’s Molly? That some chick he’s hooking up with?” – Johnny Lawrence

“Drink it. It’ll put hair on your balls.” – Johnny Lawrence

“I knew she was smart but I figured she was hot enough to avoid work.” – Johnny Lawrence

“So your wang can still get tang, nice.” – Johnny Lawrence

“I don’t want to screw things up with Miguel, then again, you’re pretty hot.” – Johnny Lawrence

“Silver lining, you get to ditch Schwarber.” – Johnny Lawrence

“Nice suit, is it made of velvet? Do you sleep in that?” – Johnny Lawrence

“You can leave your asthma and your peanut allergies and all that other made-up bullshit outside.” – Johnny Lawrence

“Stop drinking the butter!” – Johnny Lawrence

“Don’t give me this sexist bullshit, alright. I’m just saying women aren’t meant to fight. They have tiny hollow bones.” – Johnny Lawrence

“Word of advice, if you got shit for teeth, don’t smile.” – Johnny Lawrence

“When I look around this dojo I don’t see Cobra Kai material. I see losers, I see nerds, I see a fat kid with a funny hat and his tits popping out.” – Johnny Lawrence

“…Coz it’s an alpha move man. Babes love it when you treat them like crap.” – Johnny Lawrence

“Did you just flinch virgin?” – Johnny Lawrence

“Make sure all that defense doesn’t turn you into a cream puff.” – Johnny Lawrence

“Smooth as a Smurf’s ass, am I right?” – Johnny Lawrence

“Are we done or do I have to sit here and freeze my nuts off to find inner peace?” – Johnny Lawrence

“Manliness is next to Godliness.” – Johnny Lawrence

“What’s this crap about a girls division. Thought they were all about women’s lib. They ought to man up and take a punch like the rest of us.” – Johnny Lawrence

“Defense is boring. Offense will always be more badass.” – Johnny Lawrence

“An Eagle embraces the pain. All your life, the worlds been trying to make you less of a man. Light beer? Veggie burgers? Automatic transmissions? Might as well let another dude bang your chick.” – Johnny Lawrence

“You want my advice? Stop being so annoying. Maybe you’ll stop getting your ass kicked.” – Johnny Lawrence

“Guy at the impound lot said we need $4000 pesos. That’s, like, a million dollars.” – Johnny Lawrence

“Hawk’s a stud but I wouldn’t trust a word that dork Dimitri has to say.” – Johnny Lawrence

“Dork to door service, huh? Never thought I’d see the day.” – Johnny Lawrence

“Hey. Thanks for being a dork. Or a geek, or, you know, whatever you identify as.” – Johnny Lawrence

“Listen, I don’t know who pandora is or what’s in her box…” – Johnny Lawrence

“It’s time to put pandora back in her box.” – Johnny Lawrence

“I got something on my computer you got to see. And don’t worry, it’s not porno this time.” – Louie LaRusso

“I got yelled at, got my ass kicked – and then gave him my money! You know who lives like that? Hookers.” – Demetri

“Ah, a fellow gig-olo, huh? The upside is great. You pick your own hours. And if you do delivery apps on the side, you maximize your mollah.” – Dimitri

“Cool story. Try telling it to someone who gives a shit.” – Robby Keene

“Prom without a date is like Halloween with no candy. There’s no point.” – Hawk

Miguel Dias: You don’t know him like I do.
Demetri: yep, that’s hooker talk.

Hawk: The doctor said I could be on the spectrum
Johnny Lawrence: I don’t know what that is, but get off it pronto alright?

Johnny Lawrence: Nice shirt.
Demetri: Thanks.
Johnny Lawrence: I’m joking It sucks.

Daniel LaRusso: Best defense – No be there.
Johnny Lawrence: No be there? The guy teaches you centuries of his ancient family karate, and you can’t help him with his English?

Johnny Lawrence: Kick Ass! Nice work, LaRusso, way to assert your dominance.
Daniel LaRusso: Where the hell were you?
Johnny Lawrence: No be there.

Bonus: Cobra Kai Mottos

Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy.

Fear does not exist in this dojo. Pain does not exist in this dojo. Defeat does not exist in this dojo.

Cobra Kai never dies.

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