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31 NoFap Benefits That Will Change Your Life



31 Nofap Benefits That Will Change Your Life

Are NoFap benefits real? Do NoFap superpowers exist? Are they proven or anecdotal? Are the benefits based on scientific evidence or the placebo effect?

The truth is that everyone is different and so they will experience different benefits from NoFap. Some are much more apparent and obvious than others. Some Fapstronauts experience such powerful changes they’ve called them NoFap superpowers.

What Is NoFap?

If you don’t already know, the term NoFap (now a trademarked name and business) came from the word “fap,” which is internet lingo for the sound of jerking off. You know — fapfapfapfap.

What began as a casual discussion on Reddit back in 2011 is now a website and organization that promotes quitting porn use, excessive masturbation and other compulsive sexual behaviors.

NoFap is not a movement. NoFap is not anti-masturbation or anti-sex, it’s about freeing yourself from the need to use pornography. Porn addiction is the problem here.

When you go on NoFap, you’re abstaining from porn, masturbation and orgasm (PMO) typically for 90 days to allow your brain and body to recover, or reboot. It’s during and after this time that you’ll experience the benefits of NoFap or NoFap superpowers as some people call them.

31 Nofap Benefits And Superpowers

Below you’ll find the most common NoFap benefits based on science and anecdotal evidence.

1. More Energy

One of the most common NoFap benefits seen time and time again is increased energy. Mentally and physically, fapping and PMO can be a huge energy drain. Frequent ejaculation uses up nutrients, stresses your body, and alters your overall mood.

Sexual energy is so powerful that Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich dedicated an entire chapter of the self-help classic to the mystery of sex transmutation. The concept of using your sexual energy in a more productive way.

2. Increased Confidence

Another NoFap superpower is increased confidence. It’s probably one of the most common NoFap benefits people experience. While there are many psychological reasons why people experience increased confidence on NoFap, it could also come down to how your body utilizes hormones.

One study shows that the male hormone testosterone rises by up to 145.7% just seven days after ejaculation and higher testosterone levels are correlated with increased confidence.

Another study found that frequent masturbation lowered androgen receptors in their brains. Androgen receptors help your body use testosterone.

A different study found that frequent masturbation enhanced estrogen receptors. These help your body in using estrogen.

It seems like this change in hormones as well as many other mental and physical benefits experienced while on NoFap lead to increased confidence.

Increased confidence is one of the most common reported NoFap superpowers

3. Greater Self-esteem

When you do PMO (porn, masturbation, orgasm) there are many unconscious thoughts and questions going on. Porn might make you unconsciously question a lot of things; your abilities in the bedroom, your physical appearance, and your relationships.

I’m not going to sugarcoat this for you. There is no way you can feel good about yourself when you’re masturbating to other people having sex. How sad is that? I mean really? What are you doing in your life where you have time for that instead of being with a real partner?

Not only will you experience unconscious shame and guilt but it’s a self-esteem destroyer. Once you start NoFap you will free yourself of the toxic shame you’ve been carrying around and boost your self-esteem.

4. Get Your Motivation Back

One of the best reported noFap benefits is increased motivation.

So how would that work? Well, when you PMO and are constantly raising the levels of dopamine in your brain then you can actually down-regulate your dopamine receptors. That means you constantly need more pleasure to feel good.

This can also take away your motivation to do anything. You can become numb to everyday pleasures because you’re no longer able to appreciate them.

The other thing is that your brain’s dopamine reward system is wired to get the most reward with the least effort. It’s always looking for the next dopamine hit. That’s why porn, social media, video games, sugar, and other drugs are so addictive.

Why go to all the effort to do something worthwhile to feel good when you can make yourself feel good with a few clicks?

5. Become A Productivity Machine

Being productive boils down to better time management, better discipline, motivation, and being goal-oriented.

One of the best benefits of NoFap is that you become a productivity machine. Your motivation increases due to your dopamine balancing out. Your willpower and self-discipline increase because your prefrontal cortex is stronger and you’ll make better decisions. You’ll be able to focus and concentrate for longer and you won’t have that brain fog or need to look for distractions.

You’ll also have so much extra time! If you’re addicted to porn then you can easily spend 2 hours watching porn throughout the day. That means a lot of interruptions in your work which also wastes more time.

So just imagine if you have an extra 8 to 16 hours a week of more time to work on something meaningful and important. That’s potentially an extra 2 working days a week!

6. Increased Happiness And Optimism

People on NoFap report generally being happier, optimistic, and generally having a greater appreciation for the little things in life.

This makes a lot of sense because when you stop PMO, first of all, you’re getting all those negative pornographic images out of your mind.

Consistently high dopamine levels from PMO also reduce the number of dopamine receptors in the brain and this can make you numb to everyday pleasures.

You’ll also be making progress on meaningful goals and progress equals happiness.

7. Greater Self-discipline And Willpower

When you decide to do NoFap and you build up a streak you’re actually strengthening the prefrontal cortex in your brain. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for executive function. What does that mean? It’s primarily concerned with decision-making and self-control. It’s what stops you from giving in to your bad habits and unhealthy urges.

Tip: Most people that have success on NoFap also start meditating at the same time. Meditation is known to strengthen the prefrontal cortex too! So start meditating today.

8. No Brain Fog And Greater Mental Clarity

Most people report a massive increase in memory and cognitive function while on NoFap. In fact, some even say the best NoFap benefit is finally getting rid of brain fog and being able to think clearly.

Masturbation and fapping to porn is not only an energy drainer for the body but also for the brain. The higher levels of stress hormones and dopamine all take their toll over time.

If you can use tools like NoFap and meditation to rebalance and regenerate you’ll start to experience crystal clear thinking.

Less brain fog and greater mental clarity are just some of the mental benefits experienced on NoFap

9. Develop Calmness

Some Fapstronauts report experiencing a greater sense of calmness. This makes sense because they have less stress and anxiety. They have greater levels of confidence and self-esteem and they’re making progress on meaningful goals.

If you want to experience the benefits of peace of mind, then start NoFap today.

10. You Become More Attractive

One of the common benefits people on NoFap experience is increased attention from the opposite sex. If you’re happier, motivated, focused, and confident then you’ll automatically become more attractive, however, it does seem like it’s linked to higher testosterone and pheromones.

In his book, The Rational Male, Rollo Tomassi writes:

“From a biomechanical perspective, the indication is that men who consistently masturbate are essentially broadcasting their status as Phermonal Betas – and women’s biochemical mechanics subconsciously registers this about them. Higher testosterone males manifest their sexual viability in both sexual assertiveness and scent.

If you are chronically depleted of testosterone, and/or subjected to the calming effects of oxytocin your sexual viability is at a disadvantage.”

11. Have Clearer, Glowing Skin

Another NoFap benefit that will make you attractive is having clearer and even glowing skin.

Our skin requires a sufficient amount of protein, vitamins, and other important minerals to be healthy. When you jerk off, you’re losing a lot of nutrients that are vital to skin health, especially Zinc which is known to help keep skin clear of acne.

Excessive masturbation also increases your levels of the stress hormone cortisol which is known to constrict blood vessels, break down collagen, and generally make you age quicker.

12. More Hair Growth And Less Hair Loss

One of the anecdotal NoFap benefits that comes up is less hair loss and more hair growth.

There is actually good science behind why you may experience this benefit. Studies show that when you ejaculate there is an increase in at least 3 hormones implicated in male pattern baldness. These are dihydrotestosterone (DHT), cortisol, and prolactin.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the primary hormone associated with male pattern baldness. The main stress hormone, cortisol has also been shown to be higher in men suffering from hair loss. Higher levels of prolactin, the lactation hormone (also known as the malting hormone) is also associated with male pattern baldness.

Semen is also known to contain the essential mineral Zinc. Zinc is known to naturally reduce the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by inhibiting the 5-alpha reductase enzyme.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that NoFap can reduce hair loss.

13. You’ll Have A Deeper Voice

One of the surprising benefits of NoFap is having a deeper, stronger, and more authentic voice. It’s been proven that people who are more confident about themselves and keep a positive self-image tend to achieve a deeper and more authentic voice.

This study also proves the fact that the higher the levels of testosterone in your body, the stronger and deeper your voice would become. Things like this are nice little NoFap benefits.

14. Greater Muscle growth

One of the benefits of NoFap is increasing testosterone levels and this means greater muscle growth for men. But when people start NoFap they have so much extra time and energy that they create new healthy habits too. That means going to the gym and building the body they’ve always wanted.

15. You’ll Make Better Eye Contact

Strong eye contact is known as a sign of confidence. A lot of people that are addicted to PMO (Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm) are also filled with an unconscious inner shame and find it difficult to maintain eye contact with people, especially with the opposite sex.

NoFap boosts your confidence and eliminates your anxiety and shame which helps you to make stronger eye contact with people.

16. Reduce Your Social Anxiety

For men, the more you watch porn, masturbate and orgasm, the more you lower testosterone and increase prolactin. The change in these hormones results in greater levels of anxiety and less confidence.

The low self-esteem caused by fapping to porn can also cause you to be anxious around people. Watching porn is insidious because your self-image changes unconsciously, meaning you won’t even know the effect it has on you until you stop and reboot for 90 days.

17. Experience A Better Social Life

If you’re addicted to porn then it’s likely you spend a lot of time alone behind closed doors. One of the benefits of NoFap is that you actually have more time to spend with other people. You’ll build better relationships, experience new things, and live life on a new level.

Ultimately it will bring you closer to finding a real partner to spend time with and experience true joy.

Improved social life when doing NoFap

18. You’ll Respect Women

One of the reported NoFap benefits is not seeing beautiful women and immediately thinking about having sex with them. When most of the beautiful women you see are on a screen having sex, being raped, abused and gang-banged then it’s likely that you’ll be thinking that about real women without getting to know them.

This is called sexual conditioning and you’re basically handicapping yourself before you even get to know someone.

19. You’ll Naturally Seek Real Relationships

If you stop watching porn you’ll naturally seek out real relationships. When you pleasure yourself with porn your primitive brain thinks that it has achieved its primary purpose of spreading its genes so there is little to no motivation to look for a real person to be with.

Too many men and even women use porn as a buffer to save themselves from the fear of rejection. They’re just unconscious of it.

One of the main benefits of NoFap is that it will help you overcome this. Not only will you have more confidence, energy, motivation, and optimism but you’ll now be filled with a powerful purpose.

20. Improve Your Relationships

Most men who watch porn will probably never be able to maintain a proper relationship with their partner and vice versa.

Divorce lawyers have known that porn use destroys sexual intimacy since 2002 when a study found that internet porn played a significant role in over 60% of divorces. According to a 2006 study, 84 percent of people ages 18 to 49 view porn. That was back in 2006!

Sadly, today there are 11-year-olds who are being exposed to extreme hardcore porn and developing a twisted view of love, sex, and intimacy. What hope do they have?

When you start NoFap you’ll have a renewed love, appreciation, and attraction for your partner. You’ll have more time to spend with them and develop greater intimacy.

21. No More Erectile Dysfunction

Have you noticed the ability to get hard when watching porn but struggle to get, and maintain an erection when you are with a real woman?

One of the reasons most men start NoFap is actually because they have experienced porn-induced erectile dysfunction. How does porn cause erectile dysfunction?

The summarized version is that the dopamine pathways regulate a man’s response to natural rewards like having sex. Dopamine signaling to the penis is very crucial to arousal and erection when a man sees a mating partner.

What this translates into is that the healthier the dopamine pathway is, the more likely it is for you to have rock-hard erections with your partner.

But if you’re addicted to porn then your brain is already flooded with dopamine and you have a reduced number of dopamine receptors.

The other reason is that you’re trained to get erections to porn stars who create unrealistic expectations. When you’re with a real person without all the makeup, perfect camera angles, and lighting it’s difficult to get an erection because what you’re used to is so far from reality.

While not all erectile dysfunction is porn-induced, if you have any doubts then do a 90-day reboot and it’s very likely you’ll be cured based on other people’s experiences.

22. No More Premature Ejaculation or Delayed Ejaculation

The widely accepted definition of ejaculating ‘too quickly’ is if the ejaculation is under 2 minutes after insertion into the vagina.

The reason why men who watch porn could suffer from porn-induced premature ejaculation (PIPE) is that when you PMO there is a lot of psychological and physical conditioning going on in the background.

Porn and masturbation addiction can cause premature ejaculation by training the brain to quickly ejaculate anytime you’re in a sexual condition. Some men train themselves to ejaculate to certain short sexual scenes reducing the time it takes to ejaculate.

The other reason is that porn is constantly redefining what real sex should be like. When you’re with a real partner you’ll probably try to imitate male porn stars.

There are two issues with that:

One is that if you compare yourself to last as long as porn stars do then by default you’ll think you have premature ejaculation. Remember premature ejaculation is widely regarded as less than 2 minutes. Most men last anywhere between 4 to 11 minutes in the real world.

Two is that male porn stars are taking all sorts of drugs to last longer, the scenes are cut, and they have breaks in between…remember it’s not real. Even when you try to copy what you’re watching you’re aiming for unrealistic and unnatural. By comparing yourself to unrealistic standards you create performance anxiety which usually leads to premature ejaculation.

One of the best NoFap benefits is that you get all this comparison and fake sex out of your mind and your life. The other benefit of NoFap is that you eliminate porn-induced delayed ejaculation too.

23. Have Better Sex

You’ll probably realize one of the best NoFap benefits after a full 90-day reboot and that is better sex and real libido.

Without porn-induced erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or delayed ejaculation, and without all those images and unrealistic expectations in your head you’ll be able to fully appreciate and enjoy real sex with your partner.

24. Higher Testosterone Levels

Do you know that the average man in today’s world has 22% less testosterone than their counterparts in the 1980s?

Men today are weak, they’re less manly and masculine than ever and there is no doubt that watching porn has played a big part in that since the advent of high-speed internet porn.

NoFap increases testosterone levels through various mechanisms:

  • Lower stress and cortisol levels = higher testosterone
  • More sleep = higher testosterone
  • Retaining Zinc and other minerals = higher testosterone
  • More real sex = higher testosterone
  • Testosterone rises by up to 145.7% just seven days after ejaculation.
  • Many individuals on NoFap start habits like weight lifting, meditation, and healthy eating which can all impact testosterone directly or indirectly.

One of the best benefits of NoFap is the increase in testosterone levels because it affects so many areas of your life. More testosterone means more muscle, more energy, less fat, better libido and so much more.

25. Better Physical Performance And Stamina

When you masturbate you actually do a lot of work and burn energy in the process. You also activate your various different adrenaline systems. We don’t need a scientist in the room to know that ejaculation is an energy drainer. It often leaves you feeling tired and sleepy.

One of the benefits of NoFap is that you’ll experience better physical performance in your day-to-day life and you’ll also increase your stamina during exercise and in the bedroom.

Better athletic performance and stamina benefits

26. Improve your Eyesight

A lot of people will say that masturbation doesn’t affect your eyesight but remember we’re talking about a PMO addiction here.

How much extra screen time are you getting because of masturbation, especially at night, and maybe in the dark? Do you think that can be healthy for your eyes in the long term? The eye strain alone could cause blurry vision.

While anecdotal, many people on NoFap report clearer vision. In any case, reduce your screen time and your eyes will thank you.

27. Sleep Better

According to the statistics released by Pornhub in 2016, the most popular time that people watch porn is 11 PM and midnight. If you’re an avid porn watcher then it’s very likely you’re staying up until the early hours of the morning and losing sleep which in turn increases the stress hormone cortisol, lowers testosterone, and lowers immunity.

28. Lower Stress Levels

You have to understand that when you masturbate you call to action different adrenaline systems.

Your flight or fight system (limbic system) is utilized in full gear.

Cortisol is the primary stress hormone in the body and is higher after ejaculation. A lot of people fapping to porn also have less sleep, which again increases cortisol levels.

Combine that with the overall lack of health and achievement and it’s a recipe for a high-stress life. Practicing NoFap will give your body a break and allow it to come back into balance.

29. Eliminate Depression

Lots of people who masturbate and watch porn typically experience some form of depression without even knowing it. This could be because of all the other ways porn ruins people’s lives. The mental, physical and hormonal effects of watching porn can be enough to make anyone feel low.

Typically, the “come down” of the dopamine high from porn, two minutes after the act, is a cloud of depression. You kind of feel like sleeping afterward or you might feel nauseated or generally depressed for no reason.

While the porn high only lasts 2 seconds, the cloud of guilt and shame can last hours, days, and even weeks. When you’re on a NoFap streak you’ll notice you have more energy and greater optimism for life in general.

30. Increased Spirituality

Some users on NoFap report experiencing increased spirituality. This could be because you generally have a clearer, distraction-free mind and are more conscious.

You’ll have extra time to research and learn about deeper topics. Some users take up meditation and some take it as an opportunity to practice their religion with greater faith.

I simply put it down to the fact that porn is a disease and when you’re off it you experience a host of mental, physical, and spiritual benefits.

Some people on Nofap have reported increased spirituality as a benefit of NoFap.

31. Improve Your Overall Health And Well-being

Excessive PMO is extremely taxing on the mind, body, and brain. When you’re on NoFap your mental and physical health improves, you get better sleep, your hormones and receptors have a chance to reset, you engage in healthier habits, and have a better social life. As a result, your immune system will be stronger than ever.

Ultimately NoFap leads to increased health and vitality.

NoFap Benefits Timeline

The NoFap benefits timeline varies from person to person. The benefits you experience will also vary. For instance, a heavy porn user who is masturbating and ejaculating multiple times a day will probably notice bigger changes than someone who jerks off twice a week.

Most people will begin to notice some NoFap benefits between 2 to 3 weeks. The 90-day reboot time or 90 days without fapping to porn is recommended because this allows enough time for your brain and body to reset or “reboot”. It’s enough time for the dopamine receptors and hormones to balance out.

The different NoFap modes such as normal mode, hard mode, and monk mode will also determine how quickly you experience benefits.

Something such as muscle growth will of course not be automatic and require time and effort on your part.

For porn-induced erectile dysfunction, don’t get discouraged if it takes longer than 90 days. Things may even get worse than they get better. You may also experience a flatline. If you’re suffering from any sexual problems just know that turning to porn is never going to help you.

Finally, most men who start NoFap are bound to relapse and this will also impact the benefits you experience.

From my research, very few men have such high levels of NoFap motivation to complete the 90-day reboot on their first attempt so don’t beat yourself up about it.

NoFap is a lifestyle to help you experience greater health, happiness, and success.

When you start NoFap you should be going into it with the mindset that you will quit porn addiction and PMO for life because it serves no beneficial purpose.

NoFap vs Semen Retention Benefits

Semen retention and NoFap aren’t the same things, even though they’ll often be used in the same context.

Semen retention is the practice of avoiding ejaculation and people believe it offers many of the same spiritual, mental, and physical benefits as NoFap.

The key difference between semen retention and NoFap is that you can avoid ejaculation while still enjoying sexual activity and orgasm. That’s right: You can indeed have one without the other, though it may take some practice.

Famous People Who Did NoFap

Make sure you watch this motivational video detailing the NoFap benefits experienced by famous people.

Recommended Resources For NoFap Benefits & Porn Addiction

  1. If the NoFap benefits above haven’t already motivated you then make sure you also read my previous article: 15 Reasons Why You Should Stop Watching Porn.
  2. I recommend you check out yourbrainonporn.com. You’ll find more research, scientific studies, and advice on how to quit watching porn.
  3. If you’re looking for NoFap recovery stories then make sure you check out the rebooting accounts section.
  4. Another great resource is the Official Reddit NoFap Forum.

Summary Of NoFap Benefits

  1. More Energy
  2. Increased Confidence
  3. Greater Self-Esteem
  4. Get Your Motivation Back
  5. Become A Productivity Machine
  6. Increased Happiness And Optimism
  7. Greater Self-discipline And Willpower
  8. No Brain Fog And Greater Mental Clarity
  9. Develop Calmness
  10. You Become More Attractive
  11. Have Clearer, Glowing Skin
  12. More Hair Growth And Less Hair Loss
  13. You’ll Have A Deeper Voice
  14. Greater Muscle growth
  15. You’ll Make Better Eye Contact
  16. You’ll Reduce Your Social Anxiety
  17. Experience A Better Social Life
  18. You’ll Respect Women
  19. You’ll Naturally Seek Real Relationships
  20. Improve Your Relationships
  21. No More Erectile Dysfunction
  22. No More Premature Ejaculation or Delayed Ejaculation
  23. Have Better Sex
  24. Higher Testosterone Levels
  25. Better Physical Performance And Stamina
  26. Improve your Eyesight
  27. Sleep Better
  28. Lower Stress Levels
  29. Eliminate Depression
  30. Increased Spirituality
  31. Improve Your Overall Health And Well-being

Have you experienced any other NoFap benefits or superpowers? Leave a comment below.

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