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43 Super Stan Lee Quotes On Life



43 Super Stan Lee Quotes On Life

If you’re a Marvel and superhero fanatic then you’ll love these Stan Lee quotes!

Stan Lee is an icon in the world of comic books and entertainment. Through his vision and hard work he was able to take Marvel comics from a small publishing house to the absolute entertainment powerhouse it is today. Marvel Entertainment became so big that Disney acquired it for $4 billion back in 2009.

Stan Lee is best known for creating characters like Spiderman, The Hulk, X-Men, The Fantastic Four and Iron Man, who today are all dominating the big screen, becoming blockbuster movies and breaking box office records.

Before all that success though, Stan Lee started out filling out inkwells, getting the artists’ lunches, and erasing pencil marks from finished pages. The Stan Lee quotes below show the amazing mindset and just how one man can make a difference.

Inspirational Stan Lee Quotes

1. “If you are interested in what you do, that keeps you going!” – Stan Lee

2. “With great power comes great responsibility.” – Stan Lee

3. “Reading is very good. And you can quote me!” – Stan Lee

4. “I’m happiest when I’m working. If I’m not working, I feel like I’m wasting my time.” – Stan Lee

5. “Just because you have superpowers, that doesn’t mean your love life would be perfect. I don’t think superpowers automatically means there won’t be any personality problems, family problems or even money problems. I just tried to write characters who are human beings who also have superpowers.” – Stan Lee

6. “I never thought that Spider-Man would become the world wide icon that he is. I just hoped the books would sell and I’d keep my job.” – Stan Lee

7. “I’ve been very lucky. All I wanted was to pay the rent. Then these characters took off and suddenly there were Hulk coffee mugs and Iron Man lunchboxes and The Avengers sweatshirts everywhere. Money’s okay, but what I really like is working.” – Stan Lee

8. “Comic books to me are fairy tales for grown-ups.” – Stan Lee

9. “Life is never completely without its challenges.” – Stan Lee

10. “The only advice anybody can give is, if you wanna be a writer, keep writing. And read all you can, read everything.” – Stan Lee

11. “All I thought about when I wrote my stories was, “I hope that these comic books would sell so I can keep my job and continue to pay the rent.” Never in a million years could I have imagined that it would turn into what it has evolved into nowadays. Never.” – Stan Lee

12. “It’s just, it’s fun to stay in the game.” – Stan Lee

13. “The more you read, the better you’re going to become as a storyteller.” – Stan Lee

14. “I never understood why people take drugs. They’re habit forming and they can kill you. I didn’t need anything to pep me up or make me feel more creative, and I didn’t need them to help me with women.” – Stan Lee

15. “If there are people who like the work you’ve done, because of that, they like you and want your autograph and to take a photo, that’s really gratifying. You have to be appreciative.” – Stan Lee

16. “No one has a perfect life. Everybody has something that he wishes was not the way it is.” – Stan Lee

17. “I don’t really see a need to retire as long as I am having fun.” – Stan Lee

18. “I don’t know where the hell I’ll be in 5 years. Maybe I’ll be producing movies maybe I’ll be on a corner selling apples. I don’t know, but I’m having a hell of a lot of fun.” – Stan Lee

19. “Negative information is that which, immediately upon acquiring, causes the recipient to know less than he did before.” – Stan Lee

20. “There’s never a time when I’m not working. I don’t take vacations.” – Stan Lee

21. “Most people say, “I can’t wait to retire so I can play golf,” or go yachting or whatever they do. Well, if I was playing golf, I would want that to finish so I could go and dream up a new TV show.” – Stan Lee

22. “The power of prayer is still the greatest ever known in this endless eternal universe.” – Stan Lee

23. “I think the way you become a good storyteller is to read a lot of stories and evaluate them in your own mind.” – Stan Lee

24. “To tell you the truth, I never thought of myself as much of a success.” – Stan Lee

25. “If you enjoy what you do, if you are interested in what you do, I really think that’s the best situation.” – Stan Lee

26. “No matter what you write, it’s a matter of putting words in a certain order so that the reader will be interested in what you’re writing.” – Stan Lee

27. “I see myself in everything I write. All the good guys are me.” – Stan Lee

28. “Luck is one of the most important things in the world and really has a role to play in everything, and in marriage, I’ve been lucky enough to be married to the same girl for all these years.” – Stan Lee

29. “To have an idea is the easiest thing in the world. Everybody has ideas. But you have to take that idea and make it into something people will respond to – that’s hard.” – Stan Lee

30. “I don’t have inspiration. I only have ideas. Ideas and deadlines.” – Stan Lee

31. “It’s fun doing something that hasn’t been done before.” – Stan Lee

32. “When you work with people whom you like and you admire because they’re so good at what they do, it doesn’t feel like work. It’s like you’re playing.” – Stan Lee

33. “I am very lucky because everything that I do is exciting to me. It’s always new.” – Stan Lee

34. “Achilles, without his heel, you wouldn’t even know his name today.” – Stan Lee

35. “Entertainment is one of the most important things in people’s lives. Without it, they might go off the deep end. I feel that if you’re able to entertain people, you’re doing a good thing.” – Stan Lee

36. “I don’t analyze things too closely. I find the more you analyze, the more you get away from spontaneity.” – Stan Lee

37. “We all wish we had super powers. We all wish we could do more than we can do.” – Stan Lee

38. “Every day there’s a new development…there’s no limit to the things that are happening.” – Stan Lee

39. “I used to be embarrassed because I was just a comic-book writer while other people were building bridges or going on to medical careers. And then I began to realize: entertainment is one of the most important things in people’s lives. Without it they might go off the deep end. I feel that if you’re able to entertain people, you’re doing a good thing.” – Stan Lee

40. “I think any comic book – or really, any book that you can read – in a sense is an educational tool in that it helps literacy. The more you read, the better you get at it. It almost doesn’t matter what you read, the important thing is for young people to become readers.” – Stan Lee

41. “If you’re going to write something, that’s going to be read by people, a lot of people, you hope it will not only entertain them but maybe do them some good in some way.” – Stan Lee

42. “My biggest regret is that I don’t really have time to read.” – Stan Lee

43. “I guess one person can make a difference.” – Stan Lee

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