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47 Inspirational Scarlett Johansson Quotes



47 Inspirational Scarlett Johansson Quotes

If you’re looking for the best collection of Scarlett Johansson quotes then look no further.

Scarlett Johansson is an American actress and singer and arguably one of the most recognizable actresses in the world. Her films have grossed over $14.3 billion worldwide, making Johansson the third-highest-grossing box office star of all time.

While Scarlett Johansson started her career young and has challenged herself with a variety of roles, she gained worldwide popularity and appeal for portraying Black Widow in Marvel’s MCU, starring alongside Robert Downey Jr. and Samuel L. Jackson in Iron Man 2 (2010).

Johansson aspired to be an actress from a young age and has always pushed herself to achieve her high ambitions. I hope the inspirational Scarlett Johansson quotes below push you to achieve your goal and dreams.

Best Scarlett Johansson Quotes

1. “If you feel glamorous, you definitely look glamorous.” – Scarlett Johansson

2. “It’s important for people to figure out their own lives before involving someone else – to gauge where you are and work on your own issues.” – Scarlett Johansson

3. “I’ve always been very competitive, and a part of that is pushing your boundaries – taking a risk and being able to live with the loss that comes with taking a risk.” – Scarlett Johansson

4. “I’m just a big believer in ‘you must love yourself before you can love anybody else,’ and I think for me that breeds the most inspired relationships.” – Scarlett Johansson

5. “It is important to remind young people that peace is the only victory.” – Scarlett Johansson

6. “When we live our lives everyday, we’re met by opportunities, and most of us don’t even recognize them.” – Scarlett Johansson

7. “I believe that luck is opportunity meeting preparation.” – Scarlett Johansson

8. “I’m happiest when I have something to focus my energy on.” – Scarlett Johansson

9. “One of the best things for a woman to hear is that she is sexy.” – Scarlett Johansson

10. “I think the idea of marriage is very romantic; it’s a beautiful idea, and the practice of it can be a very beautiful thing.” – Scarlett Johansson

11. “I do work that I feel I have something to contribute to.” – Scarlett Johansson

12. “I’m not anxious to starve myself. For me, it’s not at all sexy to be ultra-thin.” – Scarlett Johansson

13. “I went through this realization that acting, at its heart, is the ability to manipulate your own emotions.” – Scarlett Johansson

14. “I never struggled with trying to figure out what it was I wanted to do or what made the sparks go for me.” – Scarlett Johansson

15. “I just want to work on things that are really hard, and when I’m not working on things that are really hard, I want to hang out with people I like to be with, and that’s it.” – Scarlett Johansson

16. “I would never knowingly go into a film that I wouldn’t pay to see, or something that didn’t challenge me.” – Scarlett Johansson

17. “I don’t do damsel in distress very well. It’s hard for me to play a victim.” – Scarlett Johansson

18. “I’ve always been very determined, ever since I was a little girl, to make my way.” – Scarlett Johansson

19. “It’s nice to have a crush on someone. It feels like you’re alive, you know?” – Scarlett Johansson

20. “I have always… expected a lot from myself.” – Scarlett Johansson

21. “Whenever I’m taking time off, all I’m thinking about is working.” – Scarlett Johansson

22. “There’s no such thing as an aura of mystery anymore. It doesn’t exist. That’s a thing of the past.” – Scarlett Johansson

23. “I think most of the impact I have over time most people will not actually know about.” – Scarlett Johansson

24. “I believe in finding a soul mate. I’ve always been in monogamous relationships. I would never want to be in an open one. It’d be too awful. Monogamy can be hard work for some people. I don’t think it applies to everybody, and I don’t think a lot of people can do it.” – Scarlett Johansson

25. “I’ve always had the same principle for choosing roles, which is to try and make movies that I would pay to see. As I get older, that’s meant different things.” – Scarlett Johansson

26. “You have to believe that you can act and that you’re the right person for the job but I think it’s good to not always know how you’re going to do it. The fun part is trying to figure it out.” – Scarlett Johansson

27. “It’s important not to lose who you are in a relationship just because it’s nice to cuddle with somebody.” – Scarlett Johansson

28. “Different things work for different people. One thing I’ve realised, though, is that the work that I’ve done on myself outside of my work as an actress has really allowed me to open up my mind. I think I understand my emotional state and my complexities now in a much clearer way, and I can put them to rest in a way that there’s almost a catharsis that happens through the work, where I can do it and then find myself again.” – Scarlett Johansson

29. “I always feel like I have to prove myself as an actor, otherwise you get lazy if you’re not slightly terrified that you’re going to fail all the time.” – Scarlett Johansson

30. “I think people today are very cynical. They need to bring other people down. Reality television and tabloid magazines—never before did we need to see movie stars taking out their garbage. But all of a sudden, it’s front-page news—trying to figure out who’s dating whom, all that stuff. Who cares?” – Scarlett Johansson

31. “You work hard making independent films for fourteen years and you get voted best breasts.” – Scarlett Johansson

32. “You’re married, and suddenly you have your own family. There’s a nice comfort in that. That part of your life is certain … You’ve got your home in that other person.” – Scarlett Johansson

33. “I would way rather not have middle ground. I would way rather fail in someone’s eyes than be that sort of tepid … that’s the worst.” – Scarlett Johansson

34. “I don’t think about being sexy, being seductive. What you don’t want to see is somebody trying to be sexy. That’s the most unsexy thing.” – Scarlett Johansson

35. “I am very independent. I can look after myself but I still need a lot of love and care.” – Scarlett Johansson

36. “The truth isn’t all things to all people all of the time.” – Scarlett Johansson

37. “I don’t feel the obligation to be a specific weight. I don’t feel like I have to fit into a body that’s not my body. I have the body I have and I try to maintain it.” – Scarlett Johansson

38. “I’d rather be really good at something or not do it at all.” – Scarlett Johansson

39. “For me, collaborating is a marriage of the minds. It’s two or more people coming together and making an idea come alive. Using their own creative knowledge or creative spirit to make the best version of an idea. To inspire an idea and to challenge it to be better than just one person’s vision for it.” – Scarlett Johansson

40. “I’m an actor for hire. It’s important not to forget that you’re disposable….When you have that mentality, you fight for the jobs you want.” – Scarlett Johansson

41. “I try to stay fit and eat healthily, but I am not anxious to starve myself and become unnaturally thin. I don’t find that look attractive on women and I don’t want to become part of that trend. It’s unhealthy and it puts too much pressure on women in general who are being fed this image of the ideal, which it is not.” – Scarlett Johansson

42. “Being a movie star is a quality that somebody sort of embodies, and being a celebrity is something that people give to you. It has to do with being recognizable, as opposed to something that people recognize in you. I just hope to make good movies. I know that sounds simple, but it’s true.” – Scarlett Johansson

43. “I can’t think of anything I’d rather do less than have to continuously share details of my everyday life.” – Scarlett Johansson

44. “First of all, every woman has body worries. I’m not exempt from that.” – Scarlett Johansson

45. “What I respect most in people is naturalness and authenticity. I like to be able to see into their soul. I aspire to be a truthful person.” – Scarlett Johansson

46. “If you’re comfortable with yourself, then it’s sexy. Maybe people think I look sexy because I feel sexy. I am a very liberated person that way. I’m very comfortable with my sexuality, my body, my face – well, sometimes I’m not comfortable with my face, but it’s stuck there and there’s nothing I can do about it.” – Scarlett Johansson

Fake Scarlett Johansson Quotes

The Scarlett Johansson quote below was posted on a fake Facebook account with the image below from an old Vanity Fair photoshoot and atrributed to Scarlett Johansson. While there is no evidence that these were Johansson’s words the post went viral and inspired thousands of women. They are very powerful words and worth sharing.

47. “Behind the glamour, behind the makeup, behind all those flashy clothes, there’s an ordinary girl who just happens to have an extraordinary job. I have seen young girls follow celebrities and try to be one of them. They try to attain perfection, have the perfect body, perfect skin tone. They aren’t fully aware of the fact that behind the looks there are a lot of designers, makeup artists, and photoshop/video editing. Their whole sense of beauty is flawed. There is no good to looking good if you are conscious all the time about how you look. You should be carefree. Love the real you. The way you are so that even if you are without makeup, you can look into the mirror and with a big smile embrace your imperfections. Just imagine if you don’t even love yourself how do you expect anyone to love you. So first and foremost learn to love yourself by being who you are and not what the world wants you to be. All you need to do is have a great heart and be compassionate towards others. I hope you spread the message and let the world know that you value inner beauty more than the outer appearance.” – Scarlett Johansson

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