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77 Wiz Khalifa Quotes On Life, Love & Happiness



77 Wiz Khalifa Quotes On Life, Love & Happiness

If you’re looking for the best Wiz Khalifa quotes then look no further.

Cameron Jibril Thomaz, known professionally as Wiz Khalifa, has become one of the most influential and inspirational rappers of his generation.

While his lyrics inspire millions through his music Wiz Khalifa has made a lot of insightful and brilliant statements about life, love, happiness and success that often get overlooked. I’ve tried to include as many of them as I could in this collection of Wiz Khalifa quotes.

While well known today, you probably didn’t know that Wiz Khalifa had a difficult childhood. His parents divorced when Khalifa was about three years old and due to his parents’ military service, Khalifa moved around a lot, living in Germany, the United Kingdom and Japan before settling in Pittsburg with his mum where he would attend high school.

But as Wiz Khalifa states he always knew he wanted to be a rapper so regardless of whatever was going on in his life he never lost his love for music. Soon after moving to Pittsburgh, Khalifa began to write and perform his own lyrics before he was a teenager.

His fabulous career as a rapper began in 2004 when record label president Benjy Grinberg heard Wiz Khalifa’s contribution to a mixtape of Pittsburgh artists. Even though Wiz Khalifa was only 16 years old at that time, Grinberg spotted his talent and considered him a diamond in the rough that needed some polishing.

Shortly after, Wiz Khalifa signed his first record label contract. It was the first step of a long journey that would result in mainstream success eight years later.

While Wiz Khalifa is an incredibly talented rapper, it’s clear to see that his focus, determination and passion led to him being one of the best rappers of his generation. Below you’ll find the best Wiz Khalifa quotes on life, love, happiness and success that give you an insight into his mindset.

Inspirational Wiz Khalifa Quotes

1. “Don’t let the sadness from the past and the fear of the future, ruin the happiness of the present.” – Wiz Khalifa

2. “Good things come in good time.” – Wiz Khalifa

3. “Worrying is stupid. It’s like walking around with an umbrella waiting for it to rain.” – Wiz Khalifa

4. “You don’t need too many people to be happy. Just a few real ones who appreciate you for who you are.” – Wiz Khalifa

5. “Be careful what you say to someone today. Because tomorrow they might not be here, and you can’t take it back.” – Wiz Khalifa

6. “Worry about your character, not your reputation. Because, your character is you are, and your reputation is what people think you are.” – Wiz Khalifa

7. “You don’t have to like me, I’m not a Facebook status.” – Wiz Khalifa

8. “We must get hurt in order to grow, fail in order to know, and lose in order to gain. Because some lessons in life are best learned through pain.” – Wiz Khalifa

9. “Love everything you hate about yourself.” – Wiz Khalifa

10. “Don’t date the most beautiful girl in the world, date the girl that makes your world the most beautiful.” – Wiz Khalifa

11. “I thank God for blessing me with life everyday.” – Wiz Khalifa

12. “The moment you give up is the moment you let someone else win.” – Wiz Khalifa

13. “Don’t worry about someone who doesn’t worry about you.” – Wiz Khalifa

14. “When someone special walks into your life and is able to change things for the better, don’t let them walk away.” – Wiz Khalifa

15. “If you think it’s necessary to judge me by my past, don’t get mad when I put you there.” – Wiz Khalifa

16. “Great minds think alone.” – Wiz Khalifa

17. “Do what you want and if it’s something you’ll regret in the morning then sleep in late.” – Wiz Khalifa

18. “The worst feeling is pretending you don’t care about something when really it’s all you seem to think about.” – Wiz Khalifa

19. “Forget the ones that forget you.” – Wiz Khalifa

20. “What you put up with you end up with. You can only expect what you accept from people.” – Wiz Khalifa

21. “I don’t chase after anyone, If you wanna walk out of my life, then I’ll hold the door open for you.” – Wiz Khalifa

22. “It’s funny how you can do nice things for people all the time and they never notice. But once you make one mistake, it’s never forgotten.” – Wiz Khalifa

23. “Be who you are and let everyone love that person.” – Wiz Khalifa

24. “Some people are real. Some people are good. Some people are fake and some people are really good at being fake.” – Wiz Khalifa

25. “We never really learn from the first mistake or the second or third. It only gets us when we’re given the last chance.” – Wiz Khalifa

26. “Cry as hard as you want to, but just make sure that when you’re finished, you never cry for the same reason again.” – Wiz Khalifa

27. “Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, it simply means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections.” – Wiz Khalifa

28. “You know my name, not my story. You’ve heard what I’ve done, but not what I’ve been through so stop judging me.” – Wiz Khalifa

29. “Real men always have time for their woman. No matter what, even if he’s busy, he’ll find a way to make time for her.” – Wiz Khalifa

30. “Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.” – Wiz Khalifa

31. “A man who treats his woman like a princess is proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of a queen.” – Wiz Khalifa

32. “Some people make your life better by walking into it while other people make your life better by simply walking out of it.” – Wiz Khalifa

33. “Sometimes the best way to get someone’s attention is to stop giving them yours.” – Wiz Khalifa

34. “Whatever I do, I do it because I want to do it and because it’s completely, 100% me.” – Wiz Khalifa

35. “The most daring thing is to be yourself and to do exactly what you want to do at that point in time and not to be worried about what other people are doing or what’s popular.” – Wiz Khalifa

36. “Everyone is born beautiful, some people just let the world turn them into something ugly.” – Wiz Khalifa

37. “I have an idea of who I want to be, I have a vision of my own success.” – Wiz Khalifa

38. “Every day is new. It’s just a new day. I look at six hours at a time.” – Wiz Khalifa

39. “Even with whatever people want to label me with, there are so many other sides to me.” – Wiz Khalifa

40. “I’ve done a lot of work to get where I’m at, but I have to keep working.” – Wiz Khalifa

41. “Don’t leave something good to find something better. Once you realize you had the best, the best has found better.” – Wiz Khalifa

42. “Anything you want, you can get, you gotta build it though.” – Wiz Khalifa

43. “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes ’cause you gotta make some.” – Wiz Khalifa

44. “Look at where you’re going and where you at. You gon get there if you work hard. When you make it, you’ll get exactly what you work for.” – Wiz Khalifa

45. “There are consequences to every decision.” – Wiz Khalifa

46. “It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you are not.” – Wiz Khalifa

47. “Life is once, so do right, neglect wrongs.” – Wiz Khalifa

48. “The more you make the more they hate, the more they’re fake. Don’t worry. That’s just how the game goes.” – Wiz Khalifa

49. “Haters saying they wanna defeat us, they don’t hate us they wanna be us. Truth is you can’t join us or beat us.” – Wiz Khalifa

50. “You get into the biggest fights with the people you care about the most because they are the relationships you’re willing to fight for.” – Wiz Khalifa

51. “Don’t care what they say. You reach the stars.” – Wiz Khalifa

52. “Love the people that treat you right and forget about the ones that don’t.” – Wiz Khalifa

53. “Brand names aren’t important to me at all.” – Wiz Khalifa

54. “You can take your destiny into your own hands.” – Wiz Khalifa

55. “Once they see you doing better without them. That’s when they want you back.” – Wiz Khalifa

56. “I don’t take time off.” – Wiz Khalifa

57. “Smile. Why? Do you really have to ask? Smile because it makes you attractive. It changes your mood, it’s known to relieve stress and most importantly it helps you stay positive.” – Wiz Khalifa (This is one of my favorite Wiz Khalifa quotes. What’s yours?)

58. “While you’re busy tryna’ fit in I’mma stand out.” – Wiz Khalifa

59. “I want to be an icon.” – Wiz Khalifa

60. “There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book.” – Wiz Khalifa

61. “Live longer or die hard is not just a movie title, there is a great lesson hidden in this title.” – Wiz Khalifa

62. “Your every breath of life is so precious, so don’t waste any moment of life while sitting idle.” – Wiz Khalifa

63. “You don’t have to be a certain thing to be cool. If you’re white, you don’t have to act black or whatever. Just be you and know who you are.” – Wiz Khalifa

64. “In each mind resides a potential so potent.” – Wiz Khalifa

65. “The journey of life is too short as compare with the journey of time, so keep your time.” – Wiz Khalifa

66. “The past cannot be changed or forgotten, edited or erased. It can only be accepted.” – Wiz Khalifa

67. “Life is a wonderful teacher who teaches us every lesson about how to survive in this world.” – Wiz Khalifa

68. “My life, my choices, my mistakes, my lessons – NOT YOUR BUSINESS.” – Wiz Khalifa

69. “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.” – Wiz Khalifa

70. “Just because the past taps you on the shoulder does not mean you have to look back.” – Wiz Khalifa

71. “If it’s one thing I know well is how to get my grind on.” – Wiz Khalifa

72. “I critique myself way harder than anybody else could critique me.” – Wiz Khalifa

73. “I don’t have problems with people, because if I do, I address it.” – Wiz Khalifa

74. “I’m always hustling.” – Wiz Khalifa

75. “A day without a smile is a day wasted.” – Wiz Khalifa

76. “Since I was younger I’ve been making the best out of nothing.” – Wiz Khalifa

77. “I always envisioned myself being a rapper and being in the game and having success, but you never know what it feels like or how you’re going to be when you’re there.” – Wiz Khalifa

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