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83 Lilly Singh Quotes To Be A Bawse



83 Lilly Singh Quotes To Be A Bawse

Looking for the best Lilly Singh quotes? Then look no further.

Lilly Singh is a Youtuber, comedian and television host widely known as IISuperwomanII.

Having experienced a lot of hard times and struggling with depression, she began making YouTube videos as a way of dealing with her feelings in 2011.

Since then, Singh has experienced phenomenal success. Her YouTube channel has a staggering 14 million subscribers and features A-list celebrities like Dwayne Johnson.

In 2017, she was ranked 10th on the Forbes list of the world’s highest paid YouTube stars, earning a reported $10.5 million. She was also ranked 1st on Forbes Top Influencers List in the entertainment category.

In 2016, Singh released her first feature film, titled A Trip to Unicorn Island. And in 2017, Lilly Singh became a New York Times bestselling author with her first book, How to be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life.

in 2019, NBC announced that Singh would host a new late night talk show called A Little Late with Lilly Singh, where she would serve as executive producer.

Lilly Singh is a highly inspirational woman who’s rise to success shows what can be accomplished by hard work and resolve. By facing her fears and overcoming her insecurities she has been able to live her dreams.

Below are the best Lilly Singh quotes that will show you the mindset of a Bawse.

83 Best Lilly Singh Quotes

1. “Life is designed to knock you down. It will knock you down time and time again, but it doesn’t matter how many times you fall – it matters how many times you get back up.” – Lilly Singh

2. “It’s really important to talk to yourself and look at yourself in the mirror and love who you are.” – Lilly Singh

3. “I’m my own boss, my own editor, my own shooter, my own writer, everything. This is all stuff I learned through trial and error… failing at a lot of things has taught me how to succeed at them eventually… you roll with the punches.” – Lilly Singh

4. “I’m an extreme workaholic.” – Lilly Singh

5. “If you want to make YouTube your career, you have to accept that it is also a business. I know everyone’s like, ‘It’s my passion, it’s my hobby.’ And that’s fine; I support that. But if you want to make it your career, it does have a business side.” – Lilly Singh

6. “I’m the type of person who doesn’t hope, dream or wish for things. I work and work and work.” – Lilly Singh

7. “I’m by no means an expert at giving advice on depression, but I would say that a lot of my show is about making the decision to be happy. We all think that happiness is something that just falls into our lap. But it’s something you have to really work on.” – Lilly Singh

8. “It’s everyone’s responsibility to build up other women rather than tear them down. Be self-aware and proactive. It’s not wrong to have those thoughts, but you can change how you respond to those feelings. Take a mental step back, and think about why you’re feeling that way.” – Lilly Singh

9. “Love who you are, embrace who you are. Love yourself. When you love yourself, people can kind of pick up on that: they can see confidence, they can see self-esteem, and naturally, people gravitate towards you.” – Lilly Singh

10. “There’s no escalators – there’s only staircases to success. There is no substitute for hard work.” – Lilly Singh

11. “In my life I’ve gone through a lot of really hard times. I went through depression and had so many challenges that I overcame. And I overcame because I just decided to be happy.” – Lilly Singh

12. “Competition gives birth to a lot of success, and if no one ever challenged you, you wouldn’t go anywhere. It makes sense to compete with others for a promotion at work. But so many women take it a step further and won’t even support other women. They end up competing over things that don’t make sense – like how we look.” – Lilly Singh

13. “I want to do everything I can possibly do to step outside the box.” – Lilly Singh

14. “No matter what I put out, somebody will be offended. I made a video on 10 reasons to smile, and it has dislikes. That should be an indication that there will be some who get offended no matter what you do. The best you can do as an entertainer or as someone who performs is to follow what you believe in.” – Lilly Singh

15. “For anyone aspiring to be anything, I would like them to realise dreams require work. So work big time.” – Lilly Singh

16. “I don’t know who came up with this idea that it’s cool to hate on other girls, ’cause it’s not.” – Lilly Singh

17. “Fighting for happiness is the hardest thing you’ll ever fight for, but it’s the only thing worth fighting for.” – Lilly Singh

18. “There is no shame in falling down but there is pride in getting back up.” – Lilly Singh

19. “The best way to battle fear is with courage. You have to look at the opposite of fear: Fear is scared of courage.” – Lilly Singh

20. “I feel like you have to use your energy, you have to use your resources to help those who don’t have a voice. Whereas back in the day, you could say, “I didn’t know about this. What was I supposed to do? One person can’t make a difference.” No, like, none of that’s valid. You can make a difference, and you do have a voice.” – Lilly Singh

21. “Surround yourself with like-minded, strong people, use your voices and choose courage over fear.” – Lilly Singh

22. “I would never want to change myself to be someone I’m not.” – Lilly Singh

23. “I would tell anyone, pick the person you love the most, the musician, the actor, public figure, whatever, and watch a bunch of their interviews and find ones where they talk about all the times they’ve failed, all the times they weren’t good enough, and watch those on the regular. It’s a very unique type of inspiration. It’s almost like spiritual jumper cables for your inner drive.” – Lilly Singh

24. “I’m a big believer of having a vision board, so I have a vision board, and that’s motivating because it shows me all the things I have accomplished and all the things I still want to accomplish.” – Lilly Singh

25. “Finding like-minded people is very important. It’s hard to be a happy meal in a room full of sad people.” – Lilly Singh

26. “I think, especially in this time in the world, there is very much a choice between fear and courage, and we all have to pick the courageous route.” – Lilly Singh

27. “I think you have to proactively seek out things that inspire you and consume as much of those things as possible.” – Lilly Singh

28. “True strength is loving yourself enough to create a positive environment for yourself. It means being brave enough to let go of the people and things that take away from your calmness and happiness.” – Lilly Singh

29. “You’re a human and you’re allowed to feel things. There’s no shame in that.” – Lilly Singh

30. “In the game of life, you have many choices. You can let failure weaken your determination, negativity change your perspective and obstacles break your stride. Or you can learn from your mistakes, create a shatterproof lens through which you view life and discover the weak spot of every mountain that lays ahead of you. It’s your game. How are you going to play it?” – Lilly Singh

31. “Whether you’re just starting your climb up the ladder of success or you’re already high up, the need to be consistent is crucial. It’s not enough to be determined for a portion of the climb. That’s like reliving a terrible relationship. You know the one where your partner bought you flowers and was patient for the first 2 months and then at the four-month mark, they went through your texts and keyed your car? Yeah. Don’t have that relationship with success. Consistency is the best representation of who you are as a person, not the one or two times you tried really hard, so consistently be a Bawse.” – Lilly Singh

32. “To you I want to ask – really dig deep, and ask – what do you want to do? Where do you want to work? Who do you want to be? What do you want to stand for? – that should be your Plan A. If you’re willing to work so hard on something, literally if you’re willing to lose sleep for something, put 200% into something – I’m a big believer of putting all your eggs in one basket and making sure that basket is golden.” – Lilly Singh

33. “Appreciate grateful people. And if you can’t find them, become them.” – Lilly Singh

34. “People may not tell you how they feel about you, but they always show you. Pay attention.” – Lilly Singh

35. “Dreams are made of your potential.” – Lilly Singh

36. “Say what you mean, but don’t say it mean.” – Lilly Singh

37. “Words lie; actions can lie too. Consistency speaks the truth.” – Lilly Singh

38. “Don’t give up before you even try.” – Lilly Singh

39. “From now on start asking yourself why you feel a certain way, what made you perform a certain action, and how you could do things differently. The information you discover is powerful because it helps you to discover patterns and in turn use your mind productively and efficiently. After all, your mind is your most powerful tool, but it’s not useful if you don’t know how to use it. It’s like trying to fix a printer with a stapler: it doesn’t work. Trust me, I’ve tried.” – Lilly Singh

40. “The universe might respect the law of attraction, but it respects a good hustle even more.” – Lilly Singh

41. “Procrastination is a hustlers worst enemy.” – Lilly Singh

42. “A Bawse knows that if you want to be taken seriously, you need to show people who you are, and then keep showing them.” – Lilly Singh

43. “I thoroughly believe in crying, yelling, pulling my hair out, and experiencing heartache, BUT once I’m done I dissect the pain and learn lessons from it.” – Lilly Singh

44. “Don’t be afraid to ask for things. The worst that will happen is that you’ll be told no. Just remember to smile, stand tall, and look as adorable as possible.” – Lilly Singh

45. “Humans have a tendency to overcomplicate simple things because we overthink them. But if you take a step back and remember your priorities, it becomes easier to make a decision.” – Lilly Singh

46. “Mistakes don’t exist just to make us feel bad about ourselves; they are opportunities that we should not ignore or shy away from.” – Lilly Singh

47. “Working hard feels good. Of course it’s exhausting and stressful and causes you to miss a party or two, but at the end of the day it is so rewarding. One of the best feelings in the world is when you know that luck didn’t play a role in your success. Doing work eliminates the need for luck. I’m not lucky, I just took the stairs. And you should too.” – Lilly Singh

48. “A Bawse understands that there are many things in life you have no control over and it is inefficient to become frustrated by that reality.” – Lilly Singh

49. “There’s always a way to be open and honest while also being respectful. Anyone who behaves other wise is just being lazy.” – Lilly Singh

50. “Every little bit of stress you eliminate contributes to a more productive day. That’s not being a diva; it’s placing yourself in a situation that allows you to be in optimal form.” – Lilly Singh

51. “A Bawse doesn’t just know what they want for Christmas; they know what they want from life.” – Lilly Singh

52. “A Bawse knows that shortcuts do not exist when it comes to success.” – Lilly Singh

53. “You’re standing in the middle of a blank piece of paper. Unleash your inner architect and design your path to success. Get wild, be creative, and don’t get distracted by the flow of traffic. Traffic sucks anyway.” – Lilly Singh

54. “Being active has nothing to do with being sexy, sculpting a six-pack, or fitting into a smaller size. It’s about making sure your body can keep up with your hustle.” – Lilly Singh

55. “Action is only meaningful if it’s consistent.” – Lilly Singh

56. “It’s our attachment to an idealized relationship that is hard to let go of. If your friend lied to you, if your lover cheated on you, or if someone simply decided they didn’t want to be in a relationship with you anymore, they are not right for you. It may feel like they are, even though they hurt you, but they aren’t. You know who is right for you? The person who is everything you love about your ex, except for the part that hurt you. There are 7 billion people on the planet, and it’s naive and scientifically ridiculous to believe that such a person does not exist.” – Lilly Singh

57. “Pain is good. Heartache is good. These things will provide you with knowledge that will help you grow and deal with future struggles. To waste a painful moment and let emotion overwhelm you so much that you gain absolutely no insight is to get hurt inefficiently, especially since you’ll continue to encounter pain in life.” – Lilly Singh

58. “Whatever you’re doing in life, whether you’re a doctor, painter, student, or lemonade stand owner, it’s important to know the game so that you can excel at playing it.” – Lilly Singh

59. “You have to seek out situations that make you uncomfortable and then throw yourself into them.” – Lilly Singh

60. “Being a good listener and a great conversationalist is key to having true presence.” – Lilly Singh

61. “There is a switch within all of us that we can flick from survive to conquer. Even though we need to survive sometimes, we shouldn’t get too comfortable in our life jackets.” – Lilly Singh

62. “You can only enjoy something if you take a moment to appreciate it and pay attention to it.” – Lilly Singh

63. “Being scared and nervous means you care, and not only is caring a beautiful thing, but it also means you value the outcome of a situation. However, fear and nervousness become problematic when they affect your performance. Understanding when to adopt and abandon these feelings is an important first step in controlling them. It’s helpful to think of fear and nerves as an outfit you wear before doing something nerve-racking. Don’t try to avoid these feelings altogether; rather, get comfortable with taking the outfit off when it’s time to execute.” – Lilly Singh

64. “Inspiration is the fuel for your hustle. It runs through our inner engine and gives us the drive (see what I did there?) to get from our starting point to the accomplishment of our goals. Just like a car, when you’re running low on inspiration you need to refuel to get to your final destination.” – Lilly Singh

65. “You shouldn’t make lame commitments.” – Lilly Singh

66. “Don’t cheat yourself by blazing through your life. Reflection is necessary and should be on your to-do list.” – Lilly Singh

67. “Talk is cheap, so leave it at the thrift store.” – Lilly Singh

68. I don’t believe anyone should know everything about you. As long as you’re self-aware, it’s okay to keep some of your strengths and weaknesses a secret.” – Lilly Singh

69. “If you aim low, you’ll end up lower than you intended. That’s why you have to aim high. No one else is going to compensate for your lack of ambition.” – Lilly Singh

70. “Whether receiving an award or admitting to a mistake, a Bawse will stand up tall because they understand that both contribute toward growth and progress. When you have the guts to make mistakes, great things happen. And when you have the integrity to take ownership of those mistakes, the people around you will take notice. So eff up, empower your inner referee, call yourself out, and move one step closer to success.” – Lilly Singh

71. “Putting yourself in uncomfortable situations is crucial to developing new skills and gaining valuable experience.” – Lilly Singh

72. “Often we’re too busy being disappointed or upset to recognize that the tools we need to create a new masterpiece are right in front of us. They just require a little rearranging and assembly. Don’t let disappointment blind you to potential.” – Lilly Singh

73. “Think of discomfort as currency—it’s the price you pay to learn some pretty crucial things.” – Lilly Singh

74. “When you’re in a situation in which work needs to get done, put those emotions away. Emotions can cloud your judgment and reduce productivity.” – Lilly Singh

75. “A lot of times we’re scared to address our inner issues because we don’t think we’ll find a way to fix them. Sometimes solutions can be found with just a little time, effort, and creativity. But at other times our fear is absolutely valid because there isn’t a solution. I’m not naive enough to think that every deep-rooted issue is solvable, but perhaps the only solution is to simply be self-aware. If there’s a leaky faucet in your soul that you’ve tried over and over again to fix but you simply cannot, buy a bucket, warn people about the leak, and be prepared to get a little wet. After all, none of us are perfect.” – Lilly Singh

76. “Behind every successful person is a relentless work ethic, the ability to block out distractions, and a well-defined six-pack of self-control. Find creative ways to work your self-control and keep making it stronger. Unlike your abs, this muscle needs to be fit even during the winter, so get to work.” – Lilly Singh

77. “A Bawse understands that there are many things in life you have no control over and it is inefficient to become frustrated by that reality. Not being able to control people and situations doesn’t make you powerless; it just means you have to exercise your power in a different way. If you can’t control people, then control your reaction to them. If you can’t control a situation, then prepare for it.” – Lilly Singh

78. “Overthinking is a natural enemy of efficiency because it prevents us from getting things done.” – Lilly Singh

79. “Being the dumbest person on your team doesn’t make you a stupid person; it means you’re smart enough to select people to work with that you can learn from.” – Lilly Singh

80. “Making mistakes is cool. Making mistakes takes you one step closer to success.” – Lilly Singh

81. “No mistake is too big or too small to apologize for and no ego should be too big to make the apology.” – Lilly Singh

82. “You are revolutionary. You have amazing ideas. You have the ability to create, to change, to solve, and to influence. Don’t sell yourself short by not spending your time, energy, and money on creating the best version of yourself.” – Lilly Singh

83. “I would like to end by saying that there is enough room in this world for all of us to succeed. We all have what it takes to be the best version of ourselves. Sometimes our inner Bawse gets knocked down and discouraged, and that’s okay. That’s temporary. That doesn’t define you. Your strength is everlasting. You are the most powerful person in your life, and don’t you ever forget that you call the shots.” – Lilly Singh

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