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77 Brendon Burchard Quotes To Be Successful



77 Brendon Burchard Quotes To Be Successful

Brendon Burchard is a 3 time New York Times bestselling author and motivational speaker.

He cites surviving a car crash at the age of 19 as the inspiration for asking himself three questions: Did I live? Did I love? And did I matter?

These ultimately inspired him to create his own personal breakthroughs before going on to help millions of people around the world.

Today Brendon Burchard is regarded as one of the top motivational speakers and performance coaches in the world with over 2 million people having gone through his courses.

Below I’ve compiled 77 motivational Brendon Burchard quotes to help you be more successful.

77 Brendon Burchard Quotes

1. “At the end of our lives we all ask, ‘Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?'” – Brendon Burchard

2. “Challenge is the pathway to engagement and progress in our lives. But not all challenges are created equal. Some challenges make us feel alive, engaged, connected, and fulfilled. Others simply overwhelm us. Knowing the difference as you set bigger and bolder challenges for yourself is critical to your sanity, success, and satisfaction.” – Brendon Burchard

3. “Who we become is the result of our disciplined actions.” – Brendon Burchard

4. “If you create incredible value and information for others that can change their lives – and you always stay focused on that service – the financial success will follow.” – Brendon Burchard

5. “Have you ever played a video game that didn’t have escalating levels of difficulty? Well, life can feel like play, too, when we purposefully engage in activities that demand we test and develop our skills.” – Brendon Burchard

6. “We all have a life story and a message that can inspire others to live a better life or run a better business. Why not use that story and message to serve others and grow a real business doing it?” – Brendon Burchard

7. “The top experts in the world are ardent students. The day you stop learning, you’re definitely not an expert.” – Brendon Burchard

8. “I’ve seen that phenomenally successful people believe they can learn something from everybody. I call them ‘mavericks with mentors.’ Richard Branson, for instance, is a total maverick but he surrounds himself with incredibly successful, smart people and he listens to them.” – Brendon Burchard

9. “People are remarkably bad at remembering long lists of goals. I learned this at a professional level when trying to get my high-performance coaching clients to stay on track; the longer their lists of to-dos and goals, the more overwhelmed and off-track they got. Clarity comes with simplicity.” – Brendon Burchard

10. “To inspire a singularity of focus, a challenge must be important to you and it must be something you feel you should do now in this moment. If it’s trivial or not time-bound, you won’t engage. So in selecting your next challenge in life, choose one that is meaningful and will demand your complete concentration.” – Brendon Burchard

11. “Meditation is a lifelong process. Give it a try. As you get deeper and more disciplined into the process, you’ll get deeper and more disciplined in your mind and life.” – Brendon Burchard

12. “You have the chance every single morning to make that change and be the person you want to be.” – Brendon Burchard

13. “Amplifying what is great within you will accelerate your life faster than fixing what you think ‘limits’ you.” – Brendon Burchard

14. “Perhaps the world isn’t giving you what you want because based on all your distractions and lack of discipline it’s simply unclear what you are asking for.” – Brendon Burchard

15. “Show the world you are grateful and life opens another realm to you.” – Brendon Burchard

16. “No matter how small you start, start something that matters.” – Brendon Burchard

17. “Add so much value that you can’t help but get it paid forward.” – Brendon Burchard

18. “A meaningful life is just the sum of meaningful moments. Live in every moment.” – Brendon Burchard

19. “If people spent as much time worrying about how to make a difference as they do about how they could make money, then they would soon find themselves rich beyond belief.” – Brendon Burchard

20. “When you knock on the door of opportunity do not be surprised that it is work who will answer.” – Brendon Burchard

21. “Remove stressful activities and demands from your life. If you cannot, the learn to joyfully deal with them. Either way, no more complaining. You are in charge of what you allow in your life and how you cope.” – Brendon Burchard

22. “Toxic people will not be changed by the alchemy of your kindness. Yes, be kind, but move on swiftly and let life be their educator.” – Brendon Burchard

23. “Growth and greatness often come from those seemingly endless, fruitless days of discipline. Keep working, keep at it, believe.” – Brendon Burchard

24. “When you have nothing to aim at you have no reason to organize and master yourself. No goals, no growth, no clarity, no change. Let ambition swell in your heart once more. Set your own course. Get to work. Go!” – Brendon Burchard

25. “When we amplify the best within us, we can achieve something miraculous.” – Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard Quotes - We are not the sum of our intentions...26. “Do not dismiss war within, for it is pointing the way out, telling you what to pay attention to and where to go. The struggle is not to be avoided, it is the only path out. Listen to your heart. Listen. Listen.” – Brendon Burchard

27. “Ask yourself this question every morning: Will who you are now lead you to who you want to be in the future?” – Brendon Burchard

28. “Most fear is juts bad management of our own mental faculties. Get over it.” – Brendon Burchard

29. “The more we are true to ourselves, the more we can connect with and contribute to the world.” – Brendon Burchard

30. “Either aimlessness and distraction shall win this week or ambition and discipline. Which you choose week after week determines your destiny.” – Brendon Burchard

31. “Any plunge into the unknown is reckless – but that’s where the treasure lies.” – Brendon Burchard

32. “We all know that the seeds of greatness grow faster in the hearts of those doing work they love than in the bitter hearts of those enslaved by work they despise.” – Brendon Burchard

33. “Commit to showing up with full vitality and excellence each day and a funny thing happens: Your life becomes vibrant and extraordinary.” – Brendon Burchard

34. “We must be conscious and responsible for our beliefs and behaviors if we are ever to be free.” – Brendon Burchard

35. “Fear wins or freedom wins. And so let us ask ourselves, will my life be about aversion or ascension?” – Brendon Burchard

36. “I am not going to limit my service or my message to the world based on what other people think. I am my own person, and I’m going to be myself regardless. Go out and be great – and never apologize for it.” – Brendon Burchard

37. “Never limit thye vision you have for your life based on your current circumstances or competencies.” – Brendon Burchard

38. “The time you want the map…is before you enter the woods.” – Brendon Burchard

39. “Do not let the vision you have for your life disappear when things are difficult. Have faith. Keep the horizon of a better tomorrow in mind and rise with enthusiasm each new day.” – Brendon Burchard

40. “The next level opens only after your next committed step. No matter how small you start, start something that matters.” – Brendon Burchard

41. “When everything looks hopeless, that’s the time to summon your faith and strength, to keep trying and ask for help.” – Brendon Burchard

42. “The only boundaries to success are our own boundaries of belief.” – Brendon Burchard

43. “When you learn the difference between doing busywork vs your true life’s work, that’s the first step on the path to purpose.” – Brendon Burchard

44. “Without taking action, having the guts to make the attempt, without trial and strife, there can be no true knowledge, no progress, no high achievement, and no legend. So get at it now.” – Brendon Burchard

45. “Never let your current competencies limit your vision for the future.” – Brendon Burchard

46. “When you are willing to learn, and believe in your ability to ‘figure things out,’ then fear becomes tamable.” – Brendon Burchard

47. “We are not the sum of our intentions but of our actions.” – Brendon Burchard

48. “You are capable of remarkable things that you could never foretell and will never discover without taking consistent action.” – Brendon Burchard

49. “Never fail to remember to fail more often. Do not fear boldness for it only brings learning.” – Brendon Burchard

50. “When the world questions your abilities, respond with your actions. Don’t justify. Demonstrate.” – Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard Quotes - Ask yourself this question every morning51. “Every great human victory is a story of perseverance.” – Brendon Burchard

52. “It’s not selfish to want to be happier and have a better lifestyle. Those who judge you now for striving will thank you later for succeeding.” – Brendon Burchard

53. “Don’t think it is necessary for anyone to understand your dreams or grant permission to begin. Not everyone needs to be on your same ambition line.” – Brendon Burchard

54. “You have a clean slate every day you wake up. You have a chance every single morning to make that change and be the person you want to be. You just have to decide to do it. Decide today’s the day. Say it: this is going to be my day.” – Brendon Burchard

55. “Successful people take their current limitation and put it on their agenda as a job to do, as a thing to figure out and make happen.” – Brendon Burchard

56. “People say, “I wish I had more motivation today, because then I would try something.” But our thinking is backward. The way our brain works is that dopamine – the so-called feel-good chemical – is released the second we actually do something. So the motivation doesn’t come before, it comes after.” – Brendon Burchard

57. “Ask not what you are getting from the world but, rather, what you are giving to the world.” – Brendon Burchard

58. “No matter your position, circumstances, or opportunities in life, you always have the freedom of mind to choose how you experience, interpret, and, ultimately, shape your world.” – Brendon Burchard

59. “If your guard is up, let it down. If you’ve constructed a defensive wall to protect yourself and keep all the bad guys out, don’t forget who that wall also prevents from getting in – the good guys.” – Brendon Burchard

60. “If you look at high performers they are always the most passionate – in any industry.” – Brendon Burchard

61. “Ambition has to be joined with expectancy. A sense that you have a dream for yourself that you believe can happen.” – Brendon Burchard

62. A lot of people have the ambition, but they never ask themselves, Do I really believe I can do this? – Brendon Burchard

63. “People are influenced most by those they trust, admire and believe care for them.” – Brendon Burchard

64. “Never let someone tell you that you or your dreams are impossible, improbable, or not ‘good enough’ for their liking, especially when they have no experience or knowledge of your true heart and powers.” – Brendon Burchard

65. “A life filled with silly social drama and gossip indicates that a person is disconnected from purpose and lacking meaningful goals. People on a path of purpose don’t have time for drama.” – Brendon Burchard

66. “The simple fact that you care, that you want to do your best, that you strive to enjoy life and love, this makes you so much more than enough.” – Brendon Burchard

67. “The ultimate secret to growth is finding something worth fighting for.” – Brendon Burchard

68. “It’s not about how much work you’re doing. It’s about what work you’re doing and how you’re doing the work.” – Brendon Burchard

69. “To stand emotionally open before the world & give of our hearts without fear of hurt or demand of reciprocity – this is the ultimate act of human courage.” – Brendon Burchard

70. “Never let your small beginnings make you small-minded. Have a vision beyond your circumstances.” – Brendon Burchard

71. “Personal power is directly tied to personal responsibility, which most people avoid.” – Brendon Burchard

72. “We learn that the more we are true to ourselves, the more we can connect with and contribute to the world.” – Brendon Burchard

73. “First, it is an intention. Then a behavior. Then a habit. Then a practice. Then a second nature. Then it is simply who you are.” – Brendon Burchard

74. “If you are tired, sleep. If unclear, meditate. If sore, move. If angry, forgive. If unhappy, love. If bored, give. Common sense is not always common practice and so we suffer.” – Brendon Burchard

75. “Enlightenment comes when you realize and own that happiness is a choice, sadness is a choice, anger is a choice, love is a choice.” – Brendon Burchard

76. “I’ve never met a high performer who didn’t consistently ponder whether they were giving their best—and not just for themselves but for others.” – Brendon Burchard

77. “Mediocrity begins the precise moment you swap love for a challenge with love of comfort.” – Brendon Burchard

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