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67 Andy Frisella Quotes That Will Motivate You To Success



67 Andy Frisella Quotes That Will Motivate You To Success

Andy Frisella is an entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker…and as you’ll see from this collection of Andy Frisella quotes he’s an extremely inspiring individual.

On his “about me” page Andy says “I believe that’s what it takes to succeed in life: grit, perseverance & relentless aggressiveness.”

And that’s how be became the founder and CEO of 1st Phrom International as well as 5 other businesses that collectively generate 200M+ in annual revenue.

Frisella is also the host of a business/success oriented podcast, The MFCEO Project, which is one of the top 50 podcasts in the world. He has also become one of the highest paid keynote peakers and has even written a best-selling series of children’s books that promote entrepreneurial values and the success mindset.

He was Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016 and have been featured in Forbes, INC, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

The quotes by Andy Frisella here are sure to take away your excuses and motivate you to be successful. Enjoy!

Motivational Andy Frisella Quotes

1. “Be brave enough to go after what you really want. Be strong enough to pick people up and bring them with you.” – Andy Frisella

2. “Everything you see, touch or use in your daily life started as just a single thought.” – Andy Frisella

3. “Remember the days you prayed for the things you have now.” – Andy Frisella

4. “Quit feeling sorry for yourself, make shit happen.” – Andy Frisella

5. “Instead of thinking how hard your journey is, think how great your story will be.” – Andy Frisella

6. “Inside every self-made man is a poor kid who followed his dreams.” – Andy Frisella

7. “The reason people don’t succeed is because they don’t do the work.” – Andy Frisella

8. “I’m a regular dude who made a daily list of critical tasks that needed to get done, and I did them.” – Andy Frisella

9. “Dream so big everyone thinks you’re crazy, no matter what they think about it. The only person that limits you stares back at you in the mirror every single day.” – Andy Frisella

10. “You are the only one who can stop you.” – Andy Frisella

11. “Real success is not defined by what you accomplish. It is defined by how you are helping others accomplish.” – Andy Frisella

12. “There are no super-humans, just humans, and what one man can do, another can do.” – Andy Frisella

13. “It’s not luck, it’s not magic, it’s not circumstances. It’s developing a great plan and executing on it, day in and day out until the visions in your head become your reality.” – Andy Frisella

14. “This is about legacy. This is about service. This is about giving far more than you take. This is about inspiring the warrior attitude and taking responsibility for your life. This is about picking each other up.” – Andy Frisella

15. “You are where you are because of you.” – Andy Frisella

16. “Will your story be one of ultimate fulfillment and success through the maximisation of your potential by overcoming tremendous difficulty and inspiring millions to be better? Or will it be one of what could have been?” – Andy Frisella

17. “What you think about, dream about, talk about and focus on will become your life.” – Andy Frisella

18. “You are in control.” – Andy Frisella

19. “Everyday is a win or a loss.” – Andy Frisella

20. “Did you do what you needed to do today?” – Andy Frisella

21. “Most people in life wait. They wait and put off the things they truly want to be in their heart for “Tomorrow” the mystical place where 99% of all dreams, human achievement & potential greatness goes to die.” – Andy Frisella

22. “Don’t let the constant pursuit of and drive for success keep you from appreciating and being grateful for what you have now.” – Andy Frisella

23. “Honest gratitude for what you have is one of the biggest accelerators for future success.” – Andy Frisella

24. “Stop. Look around. Breath in that greatness. Breath out that gratitude.” – Andy Frisella

25. “Your mind & focus are far more powerful than you could ever comprehend.” – Andy Frisella

26. “Nothing great is given, it’s earned.” – Andy Frisella

27. “Now what? Are you going to run and cry like a little bitch and blame everyone? Or are you going to take a deep breath, think, act and move forward?” – Andy Frisella

28. “Yes, finding success is going to require you to make sacrifices and be uncomfortable.” – Andy Frisella

29. “Things to never budge on: Your work ethic. Your quality of work. Your attention to detail. Your integrity. Your morals. Your drive. Treating your employees/people who help you like gold. Treating customers like gold.” – Andy Frisella

30. “99% of people let others opinions and beliefs keep them from ever living the life they want.” – Andy Frisella

31. “Free your mind to dream huge. Free your heart to believe its possible.” – Andy Frisella

32. “The only thing relevant to your success is your actions.” – Andy Frisella

33. “Live for the weekends and that’s all you’ll ever have.” – Andy Frisella

34. “When you say ‘no’ most of the time you are saying ‘yes’ to the progression of yourself and those around you.” – Andy Frisella

35. “What you’re doing in the short term to make yourself comfortable is killing your potential.” – Andy Frisella

36. “There’s a lot of healthy shit that comes from believing in yourself.” – Andy Frisella

37. “If you don’t believe you’re the shit, nobody else will either.” – Andy Frisella

38. “History forgets whiners, but remembers winners.” – Andy Frisella

39. “Easy never pays well.” – Andy Frisella

40. “Make sure the people who bet against you lose.” – Andy Frisella

41. “Being a leader who lets shit slide, isn’t being a leader at all.” – Andy Frisella

42. “Accepting responsibility even when it’s not your fault and fixing the problem; you will have unlimited income potential in your life.” – Andy Frisella

43. “There’s something you’re good at, you’re just not putting value on it.” – Andy Frisella

44. “I deserve’ is the most whiny, cry baby phrase in the english language.” – Andy Frisella

45. “There is no ‘what if’, if you do the work on a worth plan the result will be there.” – Andy Frisella

46. “If you do the work and you make a plan it will f*cking happen.” – Andy Frisella

47. “You don’t have to define yourself by one kind of life…you can live in any world you want.” – Andy Frisella

48. “Nobody who you wanna be floats through the day.” – Andy Frisella

49. “Don’t be an asshole to yourself.” – Andy Frisella

50. “You know why you are so far from where you want to be? Because you think too small…you do now and you always have.” – Andy Frisella

51. “The biggest mistake you can make in life is thinking you have all the time in the world.” – Andy Frisella

52. “You gotta do the work…and gotta produce a result.” – Andy Frisella

53. “Put your head down for the next 10 years and get yourself a Lamborghini or two…” – Andy Frisella

54. “Don’t even let that 2nd place shit through your skin…losing is contagious.” – Andy Frisella

55. “You can’t cut down a tree with a single swing of an axe.” – Andy Frisella

56. “Don’t worry about the people who aren’t happy for you. Guaranteed they are miserable f*cks anyway.” – Andy Frisella

57. “Big dreams don’t cost any more than little ones.” – Andy Frisella

58. “All great things come with sacrifice.” – Andy Frisella

59. “Successful people all do one thing that you don’t do…they live with intent in every action that they take.” – Andy Frisella

60. “A lot of people think of it like… if I do all this work and what if it doesn’t happen? No. If you do the work and you make a plan it will f***ing happen. There is no question.” – Andy Frisella

61. “Find out what it is you f***ing stand for in your heart and f***ing stand for it!” – Andy Frisella

62. “I’ve made mistakes that have cost us millions of dollars… but the reality is, I’ve got a PHD in entrepreneurship now. What would you rather have?” – Andy Frisella

63. “They told me I’d never get this far. They were right, I got further.” – Andy Frisella

64. “When most people think “success” they think money, cars, houses and material things. And regardless of what some will say…there is nothing wrong with desiring ANY of those things. However…that’s not success.” – Andy Frisella

65. “Real success is working for, helping and showing others how they can do the same. No matter what level you are at, there are people that look up to you. They want to know how they can do what you are doing. Help them! It’s your obligation and purpose.” – Andy Frisella

66. “A lot of people think that managing people is just something that comes with the boss, where you have people who work for you just because they are getting paid. But if you want to create a very successful fast growing company, you have got to get everybody to paddle the boat in the same direction because they are passionate about it, not just because they are doing it for the paycheck.” – Andy Frisella

67. “Inspiring and helping others is a way to give real meaning to your life. It’s a way to live forever. No matter what you accomplish, how much money you make, how many cars you buy or houses you own…your life will be very empty if you don’t commit to helping others achieve their goals and improve their lives. Someone inspired you, now it’s your turn.” – Andy Frisella

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