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55 Inspiring Robert Herjavec Quotes



55 Inspiring Robert Herjavec Quotes

Robert Herjavec is a Croatian-Canadian businessman, investor and author.

He is best known for being an investor on Shark Tank, along with Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary.

Robert Herjavec started his first company BRAK Systems in 1990, from his basement and later sold to AT&T Canada for $30.2 million in 2000. He then started the Herjavec Group in 2003 and still remains CEO until today. Robert Herjavec’s estimated net worth as of 2017 is a approximately $200 million.

What I really admire about Robert Herjavec is his worth ethic. Just from his quotes below you’ll see that he would do whatever it takes to succeed.

I hope that from the 55 Robert Herjavec quotes I’ve put together you’ll discover the mindset it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur.

55 Robert Herjavec Quotes

1. “I don’t think anybody ever started a great business because they wanted to make a little more cash. They had a dream. They wanted to better their life.” – Robert Herjavec

2. “People ask, ‘Are entrepreneurs born, or are they made?’ I think it’s a combination of both.” – Robert Herjavec

3. “Business is a sprint until you find an opportunity, then it’s the patience of a marathon runner.” – Robert Herjavec

4. “Just like any business is a living, breathing thing, an entrepreneur has to be able to adapt over time.” – Robert Herjavec

5. “Some people will lie to you because they mean to. Others will do it to tell you what you want to hear.” – Robert Herjavec

6. “What is great about entrepreneurship is that entrepreneurs create the tangible from the intangible.” – Robert Herjavec

7. “You can never be satisfied as an entrepreneur, and the basis of any successful, growing business is new clients.” – Robert Herjavec

8. “I just don’t sleep enough. But I have never met someone very successful who, at the end of their life, says ‘I wish I slept more.'” – Robert Herjavec

9. “If you are under the illusion that you can start a business and run it at your life’s schedule, you are mistaken. The business is like a starving puppy – when it needs to eat, then it needs to eat regardless of what you have going on personally.” – Robert Herjavec

10. “Tough times never last; tough people always do.” – Robert Herjavec

11. “It’s the thousand little, non-sexy, non-exciting, mundane things that you have to do in order to be recognized, that make you succeed.” – Robert Herjavec

12. “People who succeed in life have a need for something greater than themselves.” – Robert Herjavec

13. “To succeed in business you have to do three things; work your butt off, be extravagant with your dreams but practical with your expenses, and avoid thinking about failure.” – Robert Herjavec

14. “I’m a very nice guy, but don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.” – Robert Herjavec

15. “If you’re hard on yourself, life will be easy on you.” – Robert Herjavec

16. “Be risky at work. Be safe with your investments.” – Robert Herjavec

17. “Innovators create value that people didn’t know existed.” – Robert Herjavec

18. “Being overly sensitive to rejection can become a destructive virus.” – Robert Herjavec

Robert Herjavec Quotes - tough times never last; tough people always do.19. “Perhaps the most important part of listening involves remaining silent.” – Robert Herjavec

20. “The best way to get past doubt and inexperience is simply action.” – Robert Herjavec

21. “Thinking too much leads to paralysis by analysis. It’s important to think things through, but many use thinking as a means of avoiding action.” – Robert Herjavec

22. “Someday’ isn’t a real day like Monday or Tuesday; it’s just another word for ‘never.” – Robert Herjavec

23. “Cash is the lifeblood of your business. There are very few things in business that will kill you, but running our of cash is one of those things. You can recover from almost any other mistake, but if you run out of cash you’re dead.” – Robert Herjavec

24. “I’m intrigued that the same letters from the alphabet are used in the word silent and in the word listen. Perhaps it’s evidence that the most important part of listening involves remaining silent.” – Robert Herjavec

25. “Of all the people I have met who have achieved a level of economic success similar to my own were driven to realize a dream, but not necessarily to become wealthy. Remember, success is doing what you want to do.” – Robert Herjavec

26. “The more you avoid risk, the less likely it is that you’ll achieve all that is possible within your own capabilities.” – Robert Herjavec

27. “Without the ability to visualize a goal and believe it will be reached, nothing of substance will be achieved. Not by anybody. Not at any time. Not in any place.” – Robert Herjavec

28. “You can’t rush the miles. No matter how fast I run, the five miles isn’t going to be done in the first five minutes.” – Robert Herjavec

29. “You have to have something bigger than you. You have to have a goal that is greater than you.” – Robert Herjavec

30. “Work-life balance is one of the biggest misconceptions people have.” – Robert Herjavec

31. “Successful business people retain a quality most others not only lack but often fail to comprehend, and that’s the unrelenting drive to convert a vision into reality. They are driven to realize this goal in a manner that appears to defy logic among others who lack this drive.” – Robert Herjavec

32. “Don’t start a business. Find a problem, Solve a problem, The business comes second.” – Robert Herjavec

33. “I don’t look at failure as death, I don’t look at failure as finality. I just look at it and pick myself up and say ‘we shouldn’t have done that’ and move on.” – Robert Herjavec

34. “Don’t ever be enamoured by what something sells for. It’s more important what you get to keep in your pocket.” – Robert Herjavec

35. “If you’re emotional and you’re great at something, the money will follow.” – Robert Herjavec

36. “I’m successful because of all the times I’ve failed.” – Robert Herjavec

Robert Herjavec Quotes - Being overly sensitive to rejection...37. “Humility is more effective than arrogance.” – Robert Herjavec

38. “Be the hot dog supplier, not the hot dog stand.” – Robert Herjavec

39. “Never start a business you can’t run yourself.” – Robert Herjavec

40. “We often learn more from our mistakes than from our successes.” – Robert Herjavec

41. “Money travels to two places: to where it is wanted and appreciated, and to where it is likely to return with an acceptable profit.” – Robert Herjavec

42. “When necessary, burn the ships.” – Robert Herjavec

43. “To become successful entrepreneurs: a clear vision, a viable opportunity, an effective business model, a determination to succeed…” – Robert Herjavec

44. “The true motivation for becoming an entrepreneur in the first place: the overwhelming, often obsessive desire to bring a vision to life. This desire is so powerful that it cannot be diverted or diluted even by an awareness that the odds of success are against it, and it is not enhanced with dreams of enormous wealth that the venture may generate.” – Robert Herjavec

45. “No true entrepreneur seriously regrets the sacrifice made to realize his or her dream.” – Robert Herjavec

46. “Absolute commitment. I would do anything to succeed, as long as it was legal.” – Robert Herjavec

47. “[On ‘overnight success’ and how long it took him to build up his company where he was able to sell it for $100 million.] It took me nine years to get to that first one. It’s funny I sold the next business for $230 million and it only took me 16 months. So I made more money in the next 16 months than I did in the ten years before.” – Robert Herjavec

48. “I think everybody wants to take care of the ones they love. I think everybody wants to make more money. Everyone wants to take care of their family. I think people are afraid. I think fear holds people back. I meet a lot of people who say, ‘Oh money’s not important to me.’ And I say ‘That is absolute crap. I remember when my mum and dad didn’t have enough money to put food on the table. Today we fly around the world in a private jet. My kids will never be hungry. How is that not better?’” – Robert Herjavec

49. “I think it’s hard work and working smart. I mean I know a lot of people who worked hard and never made any money. My dad was a blue collar factory guy who worked his butt off and never made any money. So I think you’ve got to work hard, but you have to work smart.” – Robert Herjavec

50. “When I started out people said to me ‘You’ll never make any money because it’s not what you know it’s who you know. And you can’t make any money unless you have money.’ And I said ‘That’s okay. I think you’ve got to be brutally honest with yourself if I don’t know anybody, I’ve got to become that guy that others want to know. You’ve got to be brutally honest with yourself.’” – Robert Herjavec

51. “Make sure you have a solid sales plan. There’s a difference between sales and marketing and most people get confused and want to do marketing.” – Robert Herjavec

52. “I get up at 4 o’clock in the morning, I’m usually in the office by 5-5:30am. You know people always complain to me about traffic in Toronto and how bad it is, and I say when I go to the office there’s no traffic.” – Robert Herjavec

53. “Great money and great wealth… doesn’t make you any different, it just makes you more of what you are.” – Robert Herjavec

54. “It’s never been about making money for me. It’s always been about being great at something.” – Robert Herjavec

55. “To be successful you’ve got to work hard and do a million other things…But if you don’t work hard it’s a guarantee that you won’t be successful.”  – Robert Herjavec

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