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37 Matthew McConaughey Quotes To Be Successful



37 Matthew McConaughey Quotes To Be Successful

Matthew McConaughey is a highly successful actor, writer and producer. He has won multiple Best Actor awards from the Golden Globes, Oscars, Emmys and Academy Awards.

McConaughey stands out not only because of his incredible success but because he is not a conformist and has some rather smart, interesting and philosophical thoughts about living life in a successful way.

Below I’ve compiled the most inspirational Matthew McCoaughey quotes that you can learn from. Enjoy!

37 Matthew McConaughey Quotes

1. “You want to be a writer? Start writing. You want to be a filmmaker? Start shooting stuff on your phone right now.” – Matthew McConaughey

2. “I’m a fan of the word selfish. Self. Ish. When I say I have gotten a lot more self-ish, I mean I am less concerned with what people think of me. I’m not worried about how I’m perceived. Selfish has always gotten a bad rap. You should do for you.” – Matthew McConaughey

3. “I believe in living in the present and making each day count. I don’t pay much attention to the past or the future.” – Matthew McConaughey

4. “The best education I’ve had in my life is to travel.” – Matthew McConaughey

5. “Life is not fair, it never was and it is now and it won’t ever be. Do not fall into the trap. The entitlement trap, of feeling like you’re a victim. You are not.” – Matthew McConaughey

6. “Give thanks. Appreciate what you DO have … the more we give thanks, the more we receive to be thankful for. Gratitude is the gift that always gives back.” – Matthew McConaughey

7. “It’s a scientific fact that gratitude reciprocates.” – Matthew McConaughey

8. “I don’t want to just revolve. I want to evolve. As a man, as a human, as a father, as a lover.” – Matthew McConaughey

9. “Every hero doesn’t do this great big hero thing. They do the simple thing over and over… and they stick to it.” – Matthew McConaughey

10. “There are three things, to my account, that I need each day. One of them is something to look up to, another is something to look forward to, and another is someone to chase.” – Matthew McConaughey

11. “Life’s barely long enough to get good at one thing. So be careful what you get good at.” – Matthew McConaughey

12. “Life is not a popularity contest. Take the hill, but first answer the question: What is my hill?” – Matthew McConaughey

13. “The best advice comes from people who don’t give advice.” – Matthew McConaughey

14. “I don’t dabble and spend much mind or time dealing with, I don’t know, people’s perceptions of me. I truly don’t.” – Matthew McConaughey

15. “Without exercise, I don’t feel like my head works right.” – Matthew McConaughey

16. “My number one thing? Don’t overleverage yourself. Don’t say you can do something when you really can’t.” – Matthew McConaughey

17. “There’s a difference in thinking you are a champion and knowing that you are.” – Matthew McConaughey

18. “There’s two sorts of fear: one you embrace and one you should listen to and turn the other way.” – Matthew McConaughey

19. “We dissect failure a lot more than we dissect success.” – Matthew McConaughey

20. “We have a big appetite for putting people down but, at the heart of everyone, there’s enough room for all of us to succeed.” – Matthew McConaughey

21. “Good ideas are free – or at least they should be.” – Matthew McConaughey

22. “My rule is to break one sweat a day.” – Matthew McConaughey

23. “I have some good friends of my own who happen to be gay, and when it comes to gay, straight, or whatever, I’m for anything life-affirmative. I’m for gay power, straight power, male power, female power; everybody should feel empowered without oppressing anyone who’s different.” – Matthew McConaughey

24. “The first step that leads to our identity in life is usually not ‘I know who I am,’ but rather “I know who I am not’ process of elimination.” – Matthew McConaughey

25. “Just because you can? Nah, it’s not a good enough reason to do something. Even when it means having more, be discerning, choose it, because you want it, do it because you want to.” – Matthew McConaughey

26. “Alright, Alright, Alright.” – Matthew McConaughey

27. “And at the end of your life, all the things you thought were periods, they turn out to be commas. There was never a full stop in any of it.” – Matthew McConaughey

28. “DON’T DRINK THE KOOL AID!! It tastes sweet today but it will give you cavities tomorrow. Life is not a popularity contest. Be brave, take the hill but first, answer the question, “What is my hill?” – Matthew McConaughey

29. “If happiness is what you’re after, then you are going to be let down frequently and be unhappy much of your time. Joy, though, is something else. It’s not a choice, not a response to some result, it is a constant. Joy is “the feeling we have from doing what we are fashioned to do,” no matter the outcome.” – Matthew McConaughey

30. “So…let’s flip the script. Instead of creating outcomes that take FROM us, let’s create MORE outcomes that pay us BACK, fill us up, keep your fire lit, turn you ON, for the most amount of TIME in your future. These are the choices I speak of and this is the beauty of delayed gratification.” – Matthew McConaughey

31. “You ever get in a rut? Stuck on the merry-go-round of a bad habit? I have. You are going to make mistakes — own them, make amends, and move on. Guilt and regret kills many a man before their time. Turn the page, get off the ride. YOU are the author of the book of your life. Turn the page.” – Matthew McConaughey

32. “Well, instead of denying these fears, declare them, say them out loud, admit them, give them the credit they deserve…Find the courage to overcome them or see clearly that they are not really worth prevailing over.” – Matthew McConaughey

33. “You see, I crossed a truth that morning. Did I find it? I don’t know, I think it found me. Why? Because I put myself in a place to be found. I put myself in a place to receive the truth.” – Matthew McConaughey

34. “I know who I am. And after all these years, there’s a victory in that.” – Matthew McConaughey

35. “I think ‘unbelievable’ is an unbelievably stupid word.” – Matthew McConaughey

36. “The tree is known by his fruit.” – Matthew McConaughey

37. “I never go online on my iPhone. Sometimes I’m tempted but I remind myself and the kids – it’s a tool. Use it as a tool. You’re not the tool. My iPhone, 85% of the time I’m writing down ideas.” – Matthew McConaughey

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