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How To Get Rich Quick: The Truth Revealed



How to get rich quick

The idea of get rich quick has polarizing effects on people. For some the lure and promises of some get rich quick schemes are too enticing to resist whilst for others most would associate it as a scam.

Does get rich quick really exist?

I want to tell you how to get rich quick the right way but first we need to verify that you can really make a lot of money fast. Obviously it all depends on your perceptions of what “rich” and “quick” really mean but the truth is that a lot of people are making a lot of money, millions or even billions really fast.

Its unfortunate that “get rich quick” is one of the most abused and overused terms out there.

I know when you hear it you’re hit with a flurry of negative associations of push button riches, software which promised to automatically make you money on the stock market without doing anything, foreign lottery’s or random emails from wealthy individuals who are willing to split their money with you if you only help them gain access to it.

“get rich quick” is such an abused phrase that it has no credibility and we’re led to believe that it doesn’t exist. Like anything else too good to be true we’re advised that it’s a scam.

But could it be true? Could you really make millions in a short period of time like they say in those late night commercials?

What needs to be clarified is that get rich schemes are not really selling you get rich quick. What they all have in common is “get rich easy”. “Get rich easy” is what we see too often parading around leaving a trail of innocent victims only to leave the blame on “get rich quick”.

The people that claim that “get rich quick” doesn’t exist are just using it as another excuse to continue being mediocre.  They’d rather continue going at a slow and comfortable pace rather than putting in some real focused effort and providing massive value to the world.

If you pay enough attention you’ll realise that get rich quick via business is happening all the time.

You’ll typically come across news headlines like:

“A student became a millionaire by selling 1 million pixels for $1 on his website in less than 6 months”

“The guy who developed a cell phone application and sold it 50,000 times”

“The inventor who creates a gadget and sells millions of them to 15 different distributors”

“The guy that builds a blog and 3 years later sells it for $4 million to a pharmaceutical company”

“How Bill Gates built a software company and became the richest man alive”

“How J.K. Rowling became a billionaire with her books about a teenage wizard”

“How Sara Blakely sold 20 million under garments to help women fight body gravity”

“The internet marketer that makes $150,000 a month selling ads”

Now you might be thinking well a lot a lot of those are not get rich quick and again it comes down to your perception of what you consider “rich” to be and what time frame you regard as being “quick”.

What do you think about Chad Hurly, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, the founders of YouTube who sold to Google for $2 billion after 2 years of starting? Is that not “get rick quick”?

Become a producer first, then a consumer

What you’ll notice about all the above example is that “get rich easy” doesn’t exist in any of them and that in every case something of value was created.

If you want to make a lot of money quickly then you must become a producer, specifically a producer of value.

Instead of buying products, start selling products, instead of taking a course, start teaching a course…instead of digging for gold start selling shovels.

If you become a producer of value and help enough people you really can make a lot of money in a short space of time but all too often people are looking to skip the process of providing value to others and just want the money.

Let me make this very clear to you, the more value you provide the more money you will make.

“Get rich easy” attempts to skip this process of providing any real value and the only people getting rich are the people selling you those opportunities. Those people, products, services or opportunities usually don’t last long and are usually quickly found out because they are not providing value.

Producers are in the minority and consumers are in the majority but if you become an effective producer you can consume more too.

Producers are the entrepreneurs, the innovators, the visionaries and the creators. You need you become that and create something which offers value to the world.

How the rich create their wealth

Aside from top athletes and entertainers the majority of wealthy people create their wealth through business. They either create an asset and increase its value or they buy appreciable assets.

What’s important about starting a business is that you don’t make the mistake of just creating a job for yourself. Most people want to be their own boss and work for themselves and that’s all they really achieve. They don’t create business or asset that they can really sell and are always left trading their time for money.

Most millionaires get rich though an increase in asset value. In fact in a survey of 3000 penta-millionaires (net worth $5 million or more) conducted by the Harrison Group, almost all made their wealth in a big lump sum after a period of years.  Furthermore eighty percent of them either started their own business or worked for a small company that experienced explosive growth.

So the truth is that you can get rich quick if you create a valuable asset and provide value to your market place. If you try to skip this process and just expect quick money by pressing a button then you’ll find yourself a victim of “get rich easy” yet again.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the points I’ve made? Leave your feedback below.

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