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The Best 20 Bruce Lee Picture Quotes



The Best 20 Bruce Lee Picture Quotes

The legendary Bruce Lee was arguably one of the most influential martial artists of all time.

As a martial artist, instructor, actor, filmmaker and philanthropist Bruce Lee achieved so much in his life in spite of his unfortunate death at the age of 32 in 1973.

Ruthlessly dedicated, composed and focused, Lee’s philosophy of life was impregnated with traditional Confucian principles, and his wisdom ought to be applied by anyone seeking to live a daring, purposeful life.

I’ve put together 20 of my all time favorite Bruce Lee quotes into picture quotes.

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20 Bruce Lee Quotes

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Always be yourself Bruce Lee quote

We must do Bruce Lee quote

make one move towards your goal Bruce Lee quote

the key to immortality Bruce Lee quote

Choose the positive Bruce Lee quote

Be happy, never satisfied Bruce Lee quote

If you think its impossible Bruce Lee quote

Expectations Bruce Lee Quote

Goals are something to aim at Bruce Lee quote

If you love life don't waste time Bruce Lee quote

Don't fear failure Bruce Lee Quote

Adapt, reject, add Bruce Lee quote

Hack away at the unessential Bruce Lee quote

Create opportunities Bruce Lee quote

Don't allow negative thoughts to enter Bruce Lee quote

have laser focus Bruce Lee quote

Self belief Bruce Lee Quote

Mistakes are forgiveable Bruce Lee quote

Bruce Lee quote about being self sufficient

Which of these Bruce Lee quotes is your favourite?

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