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3 Simple Steps To Create Insane Wealth And Financial Abundance In Your Life



3 Steps To Creating Wealth

Building wealth and having financial abundance in your life doesn’t have to be that hard or complicated and yes, I’ll be the first to admit I’m guilty of overcomplicating the process and not following through myself.

So having revisited some great material on the subject I’ve condensed it all down in to 3 simple steps to help you create insane levels of wealth and abundance in your life.

But first let me ask you where you’re at financially right now? Which of the 3 levels of wealth are you operating at in this moment?

Financially Secure

This is where you are working, earning and paying for your bills and expenses rather comfortably.

Financially Independent

Financial independence means that all you living costs are paid for without you having to work. So you pay your mortgage, car expenses, phone bills, grocery bills etc all without having to physically work if you didn’t want to. You have a sufficient level of assets that create the income for you to live the lifestyle you choose to.

Financially Free

Financially free is where you can pretty much live like they do in the rap videos, pouring a bottle of Cristal Champagne on the floor without giving it a 2nd thought. Being financially free is being able to have “EVERYTHING” without having to work. For me this is where I aspire to be and I think you should too because we all deserve to have abundance in our lives, whether it be an abundance of health, wealth or happiness.

Now 95% of the population is either going to be at level 1 or 2. A lot of people are even below level 1.

So here are the 3 simple steps to get into that top 5% of level 3 – Financial Freedom!

Step 1 – Realise that you’re already wealthy

This is an awesome bit of advice from Tony Robbins and it’s really about having the correct mindset.

What does it take for you to feel wealthy? Do you need $10,000,000 to feel wealthy? Would that do it for you?

Let me tell you, when you have that amount of money suddenly it doesn’t seem like a lot because your lifestyle would have elevated a long with it and you’ll most likely be wanting more.

So are you setting up rules for yourself that allow you to win? As an example someone they would feel wealthy when her husband stops worrying about the bills. Can you see how that’s putting things outside of her control? She is making it incredibly hard for herself to feel wealthy.

It all starts with being grateful for everything and everyone we already have in our lives. Think about it, two thirds of the world live on $2 a day, they don’t have a billion dollar entertainment industry to make movies and keep them entertained for a few hours, they don’t have health care, they don’t have proper roads or highways to travel on…so what makes you wealthy? Aren’t you already so well off with the resources we have at our disposal?

Now of course its easy to look at the less fortunate and feel better about ourselves but the point is until you can learn to be grateful for what you have in the present you’ll never really feel wealthy.

Step 2 – Pay yourself first whilst adding MASSIVE value to others

Paying yourself first is the number one principle of wealth accumulation. Every wealth “Guru” will tell you this. Whenever you make money anywhere between 10 – 30% or more should automatically go into a savings account, a mutual fund or something where your money can grow in a slow and steady way. It must be done automatically, before you even see it. That’s the key!

Now I’ve been there, living month to month, barely paying my bills. If you can’t start with 10%, start with 5%, if not that, then start with even 1% of you income going into long term savings or investments where it can grow. There are no excuses for not getting started. We’re not going to cover all the options or mechanics of this right now but I just want to show you what’s possible.

So usually we’re told to cut our expenses to find this extra money to save and invest. The first thing to go are those unnecessary $5 Lattes. So if you skipped your daily $5 Latte you could be saving $1825 a year!

But lets so something cooler. I went to http://www.moneychimp.com/calculator/compound_interest_calculator.htm and put in the following figures:

Initial amount: $5

Annual addition: $1825

Years to grow: 40

Interest rate: 10%

Give up those lattes and in 40 years you could have a staggering $888,730.85

Sounds like a fair argument right? But you see I’m from the mindset of abundance and I want to have my cake and eat it. Yes its true, spending less than you earn is the way to go and so why not just earn more instead of cutting back?

Now ask yourself couldn’t you create an asset or provide more value to others that would make you an extra $10 a day? You could save $5 and you could still spend $5 on your lattes or whatever of life’s little luxuries that your heart calls for.

The point is that rather than forcing yourself to give things up, focus on providing massive value to others which in return will allow you to have the things you truly desire in your life.

Step 3 – Feel rich by tithing

The 3rd and final gem I want to give you is to start giving to others. Whenever you can give to charity and help someone its an amazing feeling. It makes your brain think in a state of abundance.

Whenever you’re able to give you’re sending your unconscious mind the message that you “have enough” for yourself and so are able to give to others.

This obviously ends up becoming a reality no matter how much money you’re making right now. The richer you feel, the richer you’ll get.

So I invite you to create insane levels of wealth and financial abundance for yourself.

Be grateful for what you have, pay yourself first whilst creating massive value for others and start tithing from today on your road to riches.

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